Left Triggered as Fox Host Talks of “Emotional Civil War”


Fox Business host Trish Regan warned Americans about the escalating left-wing violent protests against President Donald Trump, saying she’s worried it could lead to an “emotional civil war.”

Specifically, Regan is concerned that the Left and the mainstream media are normalizing violence and hate. She said “so long as it’s hate for the president and the president’s supporters,” Regan said Saturday. “It’s barbaric, sickening, and it’s dangerous.”

That brought out the Twitter haters, the holier-than-thous, the geniuses. They insulted and mocked her on social media but what she said has been echoed by others, and some on the left.

This type of violence is very third world and it’s not American. It’s driven by the hard-left who have a stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

The violence is condoned and supported by the Democratic Party. They will not condemn or even criticize it. When Barack Obama was in office, he welcomed it, encouraged it, and invited the worst of the lot to the White House.

The left doesn’t seem to realize what will happen if they take our guns, our free speech, tell us what we can eat, take our money via prohibitive taxes, and destroy our belief system. One day, they will take down one too many statues. They keep poking the bear.

“There was a time in history when the U.S. was just as fractured when people refused to see others as people and politics got in the way of family, of decency and faith in our government. I am talking about the 1850s. The result was the darkest moment in American history. The Civil War. We are near a Civil War right now,” Regan began.

They were also angry that she called Steve Bannon one of the most brilliant political minds. He is very intelligent, but he’s hated.


She is being pilloried for it but doesn’t she have a point? The people mocking her are leftists who constantly scream, “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Some are Trump haters, blinded by passion.

She’s not saying it will start tomorrow or that it will involve generals. What she is saying is this needs to be snipped at its root.

This one likes melodrama and doesn’t know it:

This next Twitter user is concerned about fear-mongering and belongs to the party of climate hysteria.

This one’s funny.

Trump hater heard from:

Go back to your safe spaces guys. If this is what sets you off, you need to get a life. The truth is we won’t sit still while an Elizabeth Warren or a Joe Biden destroy our healthcare system or steal our money for inane climate regulations. And the baby killing has to stop too.

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