Left Does Want Your Guns! Look at This Incredible Gun Bill


Words escape me in describing this Minnesota gun bill outlined by All Outdoor. A new bill HF3022 that has been proposed puts New York and California in the pro-gun category by comparison. Not only would they put controls on every aspect of every gun, they will publish all information about every gun owner. Keep in mind that Minnesota is cold, vast, underpopulated, and full of wild animals. People need their guns.

HF 3022, now in the Legislature, mandates:

– Permit required to own a gun
– Permit required to buy a gun
– Permit required to sell a gun
– Local law enforcement gets to deny all types of gun permits
– Local law enforcement gets to deny permits to carry
– Personal medical information must be shared with law enforcement
– All firearm transfers must be reported
– All guns must be registered (fees set by local law enforcement)
– Registration must be renewed annually
– Local law enforcement may conduct warrantless “safety inspections” of gun owner’s homes
– Local law enforcement sets “safe storage” policies
– Five day waiting period for all transfers
– Transfers must be done through an FFL (even between private parties)
– Fees may be charged for transfers
– Local law enforcement may conduct background investigation on transfers
– Total ban on any gun which meets broad “assault weapon” definition – banned gunsmust be destroyed or surrendered
– Ban thumbhole stocks
– Ban adjustable stocks
– Ban pistol grip stocks
– Limit fixed magazine capacity to 7 rounds
– Ban any magazine capable of holding more than 7 rounds
– Suspension of gun rights based on complaints from anonymous parties
– Recriminalization of suppressors
– Bump stock ban
– All ammunition sales will be registered
– Permit required to purchase ammunition

Almost forgot an important thing —

HF 3022 would also make gun owner private data public. This would include:

Number and type of guns you own
Your address

Anyone think that’s okay?

Anti-Self-Defense Democrats

If you actually believe the left doesn’t want to take all your arms and your right to defend yourself, reread the above list. As Justice Stevens said, we don’t have the right to defend ourselves, just to call 9-1-1.

While you are at it, take a look at the new anti-gun bill currently in the U.S. Congress.

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