Left-Wing Business Insider Says Manufacturing’s Strongest It’s Been in 20 Years


Left-wing Business Insider reported that the manufacturing job market hasn’t been this strong in over 20 years. The July jobs report was below expectations overall but the manufacturing sector added 37,000 jobs and has added 327,000 over the past 12 months.

That is the highest 12-month total since April 1995.

The last quarter GDP was outstanding and the next might be better.

The naysayers were worried about the tariff war that has begun but so far it hasn’t affected manufacturing.

Business Insider didn’t report this, but workers want more tariffs. They say it’s helping them.

President Trump asked people to be patient it will work, and people are trusting him.

The President has tweeted about China’s predicament. He said their market has dropped 27% in 4 months and they are talking to the US. The Chinese are trying to scare the politicians with propaganda, he says.

“We are Winning, but must be strong!” he concluded in a tweet.

BI reported: While growth has been strong, the overall number of manufacturing employees still remains well below the sector’s peak in the late 1970s. And productivity growth, or the amount of output a worker can produce in an hour, remains historically sluggish. Increased productivity is the major contributor to wage growth and increased standards of living.

That takes time.

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