Soros’ Investigative Journalists Says Ban “Fake News”


Left-wing Market Watch has joined the growing parade of left-wing noisemakers in the press fighting back against Donald Trump’s war on mainstream media.

They say that contrary to Trump’s claim that the New York Times is failing, their subscriptions are way up. Yet, only days ago, the New York Times publisher begged subscribers to stay with them though they got the election all wrong. In fact, citing reader anger over election coverage,Times writer and media-tor Jim Rutenberg,  wrote “Most ominously, it came in the form of canceled subscriptions.”

The New York Times has been quoting Fox’s useful liberal Megyn Kelly warning readers about the dangers of crossing Donald Trump.

As the war against “fake news” begins, John Oliver, during his most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” urged viewers to “support actual journalism” by subscribing to outlets like the Times and Washington Post and donating to nonprofit investigative news organization ProPublica.

ProPublica is a George Soros, looney-left gaggle of investigative reporters. In fact, 30 newspapers are tied to the communist billionaire. Using a Soros-controlled entity doesn’t do much to support their case.

They write:

ProPublica President Richard Tofel told MarketWatch that the increase in donations since the election has been “very considerable.” The outlet has garnered more than $250,000 in one-time credit-card donations, compared with $300,000 across all of its collection methods for all of last year.

“We’re still in the middle of processing it, and they’re still coming in. We’re averaging one gift per minute,” Tofel said. “A lot of people, in response to the election, feel the need to take civic action. A fair number are doing so by supporting a vigorous press, and we’re honored.”

ProPublica is always left in its “investigations”.

Who knows if it’s true. The rest of the article is written to make Trump look bad and the New York Times look good.

Then Market Watch again quotes ProPublica’s president:

“At ProPublica we do accountability and investigative journalism, and we plan to continue that during the next administration, as we did with the current administration,” he said.

No doubt you can count on these George Soros minions to do exactly that.

To conclude, is the mainstream media experiencing a boon in sales or are they trying to convince you they are? This does serve as a very big distraction from the fact that Wikileaks exposed their rampant corruption. They want to put Wikileaks in their rearview mirror and they know they can count on the short attention span of Americans, or at least they think they can.



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