Left-Wing Comic Samantha Bee Mocks Young Man with Stage 4 Cancer for “Nazi” Haircut


Left-wing comic Samantha Bee mocked a young conservative man, an attendee at the Conservative Political Action Conference, for his haircut, calling it Nazi hair. The young man has stage 4 brain cancer.

The producers apologized after they were informed of the boy’s condition, The Washington Times reported. It would have been far more impressive if they donated more than $1000 to his goFundme page.

She could have checked before mocking a young person she knows nothing about. Why is she taunting a young person she doesn’t even know anyway?

The subject of the ridicule was Kyle Coddington. His sister, Megan, called out the show on Twitter for the mistake.

“When @iamsambee makes fun of your brother for having ‘Nazi hair,’” she wrote. “He actually has stage 4 brain cancer, but whatever floats your boat.”

People reacted on Twitter. While the left came out to support her, calling people on the right “douchebags”, others did not find the apology much of an apology.

Samantha Bee isn’t very funny in general but she tells the angry leftists what they want to hear. Comedians today are mostly left-wing political operatives. She recently spewed a monologue about how white people have ruined America.

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6 years ago

Liberals don’t care who they berate. If you’re not with them then you are the enemy. Shame the folks who preach love and tolerance have none.