The Left-Wing has a New Diverse Confederate Flag That Represents Nothing!


Leftists want to replace the Confederate battle flag and they respect Southern pride so they decided to come up with a new Confederate battle flag.

The flag is “a new symbol that could appropriately represent the South as it stands today,” at least this is who they think Southerners are today.

Leftists who don’t like something in history, just erase it.

The debate between those who feel pride in their ancestors who fought for their country and those who try to put the past in the context of today’s values has been heated. Confederate generals are being dug up and the Confederate battle flag is being used as an excuse to attack anyone who displays it.

Slavery is a dark period in our history and in most countries’ histories and in many countries’ present and it’s more than understandable that black Americans don’t like it, but does this solution really make sense?

Studio 360, a national public radio program, commissioned a Texas-based design firm to design a new flag to represent the modern South.

They expect the South to embrace the flag pictured above that represents nothing and erases the past.

The goal was to “bring a modern visual language into the space for people that want to celebrate their legacy as Southerners,” not by eliminating or ignoring cultural differences but by respecting them.

They say this but the entire point of the flag is to eliminate their past and replace it with their left-wing values.

Their new flag is representative of “the diverse array of backgrounds, opinions, values and perspectives now found throughout the region create the very fabric of the modern South.”

At least they’re telling us what it stands for because the flag doesn’t give a thing away!

God save us from PC!

The Sentinel decided to come up with a flag that represents the war on women, a leftist favorite. We will represent all the slaughtered baby girls in China, all the women tortured and killed under Sharia, and all those trafficked across our open borders, which is, of course, a real war on women. We hope it catches on!





    • no thanks I just keep flying my Confederate Flag thank you. I will fly the new flag as a reminder. of the 8 years obama has destroyed this country. and ever one should it will stand deception of the demonrats.

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