Left-Wing Nut Jobs Are Running for President on the Democratic Ticket


The Democratic party has leftist nut jobs running for president and it’s no wonder Debbie Wasserman-Schultz became tongue-tied when Chris Matthews asked her what the difference was between Democrats and Socialists.


All the Democratic candidates running for president go to bat for collectivism and embrace Obama’s pen and phone approach. In fact, they applaud it along with their Democrat constituents.

Lincoln Chafee is running for president while he lives in Canada and has adopted the entire leftist agenda.

Martin O’Malley failed as Governor of Maryland and people left his state in droves because of the higher taxes, pink slips, process servers, tax liens, and foreclosures. Maryland had the second highest foreclosure rate the last year of his term.  He’s a perfect Socialist party candidate.

Bernie Sanders, the Socialist senator from Vermont, doesn’t see 90% tax rates as too high. He hates the rich and is under the delusion that there is only one pile of money for everyone and the rich have taken more than their fair share while exploiting the union workers. He is surging in the polls in part because his views represent many in the Democratic party.

Hillary Clinton is running as Barack Obama’s third term, actually to the left of him, because that is where the Democratic party is now.

Obamacare, Climate Change, transferring sovereignty to the U.N., Planned Parenthood baby killing, ignoring Congress, massive redistribution, open borders, ignoring Supreme Court decisions, are all Socialist agenda items, nothing Democratic about them.


DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz could not tell Chris Matthews the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat. We would all like to know the answer.


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