Left-Wing Professor Mocks Rep. Scalise As He Is Returned to the ICU

Carol Anderson

Rep. Scalise has been returned to the ICU and is unable to eat. His condition has been downgraded from fair to serious due to infection. The congressman is the most seriously injured of the Republicans gunned down by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter last month.

“Congressman Steve Scalise has been readmitted to the Intensive Care Unit at MedStar Washington Hospital Center due to new concerns for infection,” the hospital said in a statement late Wednesday night. “His condition is listed as serious.”

The Daily Caller has an article worth reading on the reaction from one professor. A liberal/leftist professor is tweeting heartless comments while conflating the Congressman’s condition with Obama’s failed healthcare.

Professor Anderson, who teaches African American Studies at Emory University, used the update on his health as an opportunity to rail against the GOP health care bill.

“Wow! It’s a good thing that he has health insurance and that there aren’t any caps,” she wrote in response to the news.



  1. The democrats insisted that people in congress retain their health benefits. There were 11 votes in committee on party lines in 2010 for that. This professor probably gets good health benefits. Obamacare reduces healthcare availability and increases costs. Case closed.

  2. The word “Professor” is rapidly becoming a synonym for “idiot.” Add to that this woman teaches African American Studies, which is one step below a major in Star Trek, and her opinion is invalid on its face.

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