Lefties at Politifact Want to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Politifact, one of the many leftist fact-checkers, offers a handy dinner guide to ruining Thanksgiving. They want you to hold a dinner debate with their fake facts. We suggest you just tell your family you love them no matter how they voted or you could talk about something else. Whatever you do, don’t use Politifake’s fake facts or a war will break out.


First, Politifact/Politifake says there is no evidence of election fraud in Florida. However, a request has been made to the FBI to investigate the illegally altered dates.

On pre-existing conditions, Politifact claims Republicans’ case on the issue is not as “air-tight” as Democrats. That’s really an argument?

According to them, there is no red scare even though Democrats are supporting socialists/quasi-communists running for office and a number of them won higher office as Democrats. In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the “future of the Democratic Party” says Tom Perez, DNC chief.

Medicare for All is not MediScare, they say. Politifake claims you will keep your coverage. Sounds like a certain former president we know. If you like your healthcare, you will keep your healthcare. If you like your doctor, you will keep your doctor.

Given there were misstatements by the President, sanctuary cities are not safe and the people coming into the country include many bad hombres, contrary to Politifake’s statements.

They can find no evidence of problems with the caravan. Barf! Letting in thousands of unvetted foreigners makes no sense to anyone ever. DHS has found at least 500 criminals in the first batch and Mexicans are reporting the migrants are raping, robbing, stealing.

Politifake wants you to come to them and other mainstream outlets — and only them — for news and ignore social media news. Forget that suggestion. Look at all of it and research.


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