Leftist 2020 Candidate Senator Gillibrand Puts Out the Call to Abolish ICE


Kirsten Gillibrand is the first sitting senator to call for abolishing ICE. The New York Schumer-acolyte is adopting the furthest left stand on border security. She joins the Communist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. The media falsely claims ‘abolish ICE’ has gone mainstream.

In truth, Gillibrand is going Communist.

Without ICE, who will keep the United States safe? There will be no enforcement of invading foreigners.

Kirsten Gillibrand is known by Republicans to be a buffoon who wants to be President. She will become a Communist if need be to win the presidency. Gillibrand is very content with open borders and no immigration enforcement. She’s completely lawless and has no regard for the Constitution.


What the know-nothing fool doesn’t know is that CBP and ICE catch more criminals than the FBI.

In fiscal 2016, 66,670 criminals either pleaded guilty or were found guilty in U.S. District Courts.

CBP had referred 14,869 of these convicted criminals to U.S. attorneys. That was more than any other federal agency.

ICE had referred 10,608. That ranked it second only to CBP.

The FBI ranked third, having referred 10,318 of the defendants who pleaded guilty or were found guilty in a U.S. District Court in fiscal 2016.

ICE  isn’t just about catching illegal aliens. The officers also handle homeland security investigations and they look into all manner of crimes. It is the investigative arm for all of DHS. It’s the largest investigative agency in the country. They go after drug dealers, sex traffickers, child pornographers. They probe and monitor the export of US technologies, and the agency has a huge national security component. It has the second largest representation on the federal joint terrorism task force after the FBI.


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