Leftist Activist Vikings Will Hold First-Ever LGBTQ Sports Inclusion Summit


The Minnesota Vikings will become the first NFL team to host a summit and fundraiser focused exclusively on LGBTQ inclusion in sports. It’s being touted as the first-ever of its kind.

Do you notice how LGBT’s are now LGBTQ’s, ‘Q’ being the umbrella term “Queer”? The never-ending list will be long enough to include people who are literally insane and don’t know what gender they are or are opposed to genders. Soon it will be LGBTQIAPD and then LGBT(GGGGBTTTTQIAAAAAPPOODSSCTB). It’s absurd.

The Vikings will hold a day-long summit on June 21 to focus on how important it is to include LGBTQ in sports.


That’s fine. Who doesn’t want LGBTs treated well? The social engineers of the left want to control everything. This is more of the same.

But the truth is this is just more of the identity politics fostered by the hard-left. There are many big issues and many large groups who deserve attention if that’s what this is about. It seems this is just an effort to divide Americans by separating us into smaller and smaller groups — allegedly oppressed groups — until we don’t even know what the “United” in “United States” means.

This isn’t about inclusion, it’s about promoting the leftist principles and culture. Why don’t these people just play ball?

What does a one-day “Summit” do? Nothing! It’s a PR stunt.

Since the Vikings like to kneel during the anthem, why don’t they accept the President’s challenge and find prisoners who deserve pardons? The kneeling was more of the same — disrespect our flag and all we stand for under the guise of protesting police brutality.

All these protected groups leave out whites and men. It’s absurd. The only purpose is to push the Marxist culture of divisiveness and identity politics. It’s the same thing that is going on with hyphenated Americans, claims that English isn’t our main language, demanding our borders remain open, trashing the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, tearing down statues, bashing religion, finding one oppressed group after another, and on and on.

If they really want to affect the social climate in America, why don’t they publicize the murders of young blacks in our urban plantations?

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