Leftist Adam Schiff wants to fine Trump officials $25,000 a day


Speaking with Axios’ Mike Allen Friday morning, Adam Schiff said the Pelosi-led House is considering reviving its inherent contempt power to impose hefty fines on Trump and administration officials. He wants to force them to obey subpoenas, according to ABC News.

Allen asked him how he could shorten the battle with the White House to force Trump officials to testify.

“One thing we are considering … is whether we need to revive Congress’s inherent contempt power, such that we would have our own adjudication of the Congress and we’d levy fines on those who are not cooperating until they produce what they are compelled to produce,” Schiff said.

When Hillary’s people didn’t show up for hearings or took the fifth, they weren’t fined or sent to jail as these people hope to do. Speaker Pelosi wants to throw Steve Mnuchin in jail. A whole slew of Democrats want to imprison Attorney General Bill Barr and Donald Trump Jr. Shifty likes to fine people over imprisoning them, but only because it’s more practical.


He said the same thing to Rachel Maddow

In an interview with Maddow, he mentioned that the intelligence briefings stopped when Comey was fired, but that was done because of his constant leaking.

He also suggests fining Trump officials $25,000 a day until they comply with the Democrats’ fraudulent “oversight” endeavors.

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4 years ago

I don’t believe Nadler nor Congress has the authority to impose fines.. If you’ll remember the reason Roberts decided Obamacare was Constitutional because he changed the wording of the law to claim those who didn’t buy insurance weren’t being fined but rather taxed. He said Congress does not have the authority to impose fines but they do have the authority to tax. Maybe Nadler means he wants to “tax” Trump officials $25000/day.

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
4 years ago

I wonder if Adam Schhiftless, Schifty Schitt realizes that he is going to be prosecuted for his criminal acts, (outside of his congressional immunity), which acts were performed in concert with other co-conspirators, including Comey, Mueller, Mcabe, Strzok, and others to falsify federal records,commit felony perjury, illegal leaking of classified information, obstruction of justice and other illegal acts in violation of numerous federal statutes. Does Adam Schitt, realize that responsible members of this electorate have had enough of Adam Schitt’s Shit?

4 years ago

Hey Schiff for brains, how about a 25,000.000 dollar fine for every time you have been on TV for the past 2 years claiming you have seen MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE of Trump Russia collusion???? STFU you lying POS

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

These people are ruthless in their aggressive lust for power and control.