Leftist agitators block ICE facility in DC but it’s so much worse than this


Leftist agitators blocked the entrance to ICE headquarters, yelling at employees, and blocking traffic in D.C. this morning.

The small group called for abolishing ICE. About a half dozen were arrested.

These hard-left people are out of control. This is one of the daily assaults by these violent revolutionaries who are tied to radical political groups like the Democratic Socialists or to the paramilitary arm, Antifa. Our border agents and ICE officers are in danger.

There has been complete media silence on the domestic terrorist who tried to firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington this past weekend. Willem Van Spronsen is being hailed as a hero by his Antifa (Anarcho-Communists) comrades. He was also a member of the Jim Brown Gun Club, the communist armed militia.

They are calling him their first American martyr.

Shawn Fallah, who heads the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility, said in a statement. “This could have resulted in the mass murder of staff and detainees housed at the facility. These are the kinds of incidents that keep you up at night.”

This is the propane tank Van Spronsen tried to blow up.


It is fortunate that Van Spronsen was an incompetent terrorist.

Antifa admits they are anarchist communists who are role modeling the Antifa in pre-war Germany. They are calling innocent right-wing Americans Nazis to justify their existence. The leftists, who are taking over the Democratic Party, are communists and admit this is a revolution.

Every revolution needs its brown shirts and that could be why the media will not say a word about the domestic terrorist who tried to kill ICE agents or the Antifa violence that left journalist Andy Ngo hurt in a rally in Portland. The media barely mentioned that as well.

The hard-left controls all forms of communication and education. They spent decades preparing for this.

There is a revolution underway and few know it. They believe all the hateful rhetoric against the administration and his supporters because that’s all they hear.

We are in the beginnings of a communist revolution and few are aware.


Antifa is threatening to avenge the death of terrorist Van Spronsen. Daniel Horowitz would like to know where congress is.

There are NO checks and balances on far-left communist behavior.


CNN has been promoting Antifa as heroes. They love them. They are actually fundraising for them.

According to ‘Far Left Watch,’ Patreon is allowing them to fundraise. Antifa is on a lot of college campuses and no one is doing a thing to stop them.

They are planning a revolution and they are the paramilitary force for Democrats and Democrat media, apparently.

CNN, which is all in on Antifa, doesn’t care that their ratings are in the sewer. Now, why do you think that is?

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