Leftist-Backed Caravan At Our Border Includes MS-13 Member


The Caravan has arrived at our border and many have started to sneak through. Those who left the Caravan are also at our border in small groups. One MS-13 adult posing as a minor in one of those smaller groups was caught, but we have no idea how many have slipped through.

We have no idea who these people are and they will bring in others through their illegal chain migration network out of sanctuary cities.

It must be noted that most MS-13 on Long Island arrived as Unaccompanied Minors.

So far, 59 Guatemalans, 1 Mexican, and 1 Salvadoran were detained in Arizona. As reported by border patrol to El Pais, the group claims to be part of the caravan of Central American migrants. The Salvadoran migrant was the reported MS-13 gang member

MS-13 has overrun Long Island where I am from. They work regular jobs by day and commit the most heinous crimes by night.

While MS-13 has been operating in neighboring Suffolk County for the past decade, its increasing infiltration of Nassau is alarming authorities — and terrifying residents more used to worrying about the traffic on the Long Island Expressway than gang warfare.

MS-13’s motto is “Murder, Rape, Control.’’

Authorities consider it the world’s most dangerous street gang, and its heavily tattooed, machete-wielding members easily live up to the hype.

The gang was born in Los Angeles in the 1980s in the wake of deadly civil wars wracking the three countries forming the so-called “Northern Triangle’’ at the top of Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

A large number of people fled and entered the U.S. illegally, finding a home in LA. In response to falling prey to gangs, they formed their own more ruthless gang, MS-13. It is now an international crime organization.

They named the gang Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13. Mara stands for ‘gang’, Salva for ‘Salvador’, and trucha is slang for ‘vigilant’. This is what California has brought to America — the violence and lawlessness that has destroyed Central America.

That was three decades ago and now, thanks to our porous borders, this one gang alone numbers over 10,000, according to FBI estimates.

The so-called Caravan members are seen in the clip singing their national anthems. What they should do is go back to their native countries and fight to make them whole.

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5 years ago

They outnumber the KKK in America and that is reason for concern. . .

5 years ago

The reality of how multicultural and liberal ideologies have invited extremely violent criminal activity to the U.S. needs but a quick review of the FBI’s most-wanted list. Today, the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted includes six Hispanics (three of them anchor babies), one Indian, one Egyptian, and three white Americans (from sanctuary states). Up to $100,000 reward for info that leads to the actual arrest of any one of them. Going further in a quick review of FBI wanted posters, one can see pictures of many others with warrants for their arrest for committing first-degree felonies and the majority of them are identified by surnames, citizenship and close ties with countries outside of the United States.

The U.S. has more than plenty of its own murderers, rapists, and perverts; it’s incomprehensible that anyone who truly loves America would advocate for the U.S. to cleanse other counties of theirs.