Leftist Cartoonist Comes Up With the Most Disgusting ‘Cartoon’ Ever



Marc Murphy, an extremely biased editorial cartoonist for the Louisville Courier-Journal, is welcoming the NRA’s annual convention to his town this week with this vile cartoon. One must ask if it even meets the definition of a ‘cartoon’.

An insane person with a reckless mother killed the children in Sandy Hook, not our Second Amendment.

What other of our Amendments will these illogical statists nail to a cross because they want to take our rights away in the name of their insane logic? He received many angry responses but he could care less. This jerk is a believer of all things left.

The cartoonist who isn’t very funny is supportive of all the statists want.


He wants to put all the coal miners out of work among other leftist goals.

He’s a loon.


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