Leftist Colleges Establish an Illegal Alien Scorecard to Protect Them at School


A leftist college in New York City — the New School — has created a “Sanctuary Campus Scorecard” to rate schools on their efforts to protect illegal immigrants. Campus Reform has an extensive report. They’ve tried to interview them to no avail.

The scorecard evaluates 12 schools in 15 categories. The categories include establishing ‘safe spaces’, providing financial, medical, legal, and housing resources to illegal immigrants.

They have a working group that they explain in this way:

The Sanctuary Working Group (SWG) is a New School collective including TNS DREAM Team, undocumented and international students, allied students, and faculty and staff. SWG is working with faculty, staff and administration across the university to address deficits in creating a sanctuary campus that is safe and can provide adequate resources to members of its community affected by racist and anti-immigrant policies and everyday practices. The SWG also collaborates with similar groups at NYU, Columbia, and CUNY to create and sustain cross-campus coalitions across the city.

Some of the colleges being rated are taxpayer-funded institutions. We are paying for our own demise. This is the beginning list:

Check out the categories on the scorecard here:

It’s open borders baby. Read more at Campus Reform.


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