Leftist Dean Offers Students a Reward for Joining Riots in Baltimore to Fight “Fascist Regime”


The University of the District of Columbia Law school Dean David A. Clarke law school, Shelley Broderick (photo below), has sent out a plea to her senior law students. If they go join the rioter/protesters and help them with legal advice, she will delay finals. She might even arrange for a teach-in.

DEan Broderick

This “is the civil rights issue of our time,” she told the students. Law school leaders want students to be part of the “energy and commitment” of the protests, she said.

Anarchy seems to be part-and-parcel of these leftist professors lawless instruction.

Her entire three-year program at the school looks as much like a far-left social work program as a law school with clinical work on humanitarian efforts, seeking out cases of racism, supporting Planned Parenthood, equal employment opportunities, housing equality, living wage, mass incarceration. She’s tied to the Congressional Black Caucus – a Progressive group of black congressmen and women.

In her 2006 newsletter, which is available online, she wrote or approved publication of a conversation on race and racism between the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) and Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) in which “Several parents also described the special challenges involved in rearing interracial children. Various political statements were made, including that race is used to divert attention from control by the ‘Fascist regime.’”

Fascist regime? Leftist ideology establishes a Fascist regime.

Like many anarchistic leftists, they do good work along with their dismantling of our government, our rule or law and our rights which helps obfuscate their true intentions.

Also in her newsletter:

“On Wednesday, October 25, 2006, the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law proudly presented the documentary film, Quiet Revolution, the Ultra Conser-vative Attack on Our Constitution. The American Constitution Society, the National Lawyer’s Guild, OUTLAW, and the Women’s Law Society sponsored the event. Lunch was served.”

The National Lawyer’s Guild is a communist front organization that was involved in assisting rioters in the Occupy Wall Street movement. They assisted CUNY professors instructing the youth how to riot and make police look bad, explaining how far they could go and their rights in jail, and how to set up newsworthy photos.

The other organizations are leftist:

“OUTLaw is an organization at the University of Southern California for students of all sexual orientations, whose primary purpose is to connect the LGBT and ally communities within the law school with the greater Los Angeles communities.”

The American Constitution Society “brings together many of the country’s best legal minds to articulate a progressive vision of our Constitution and laws.” In other words, they want a living constitution that they get to constantly manipulate.

The Women’s Law Society at Drexel is “dedicated to bringing together the community of women and men at the law school to provide a forum that supports women by empowering future female leaders.”

The film sounds like propaganda and lies.

The film documented the movement of the politically ultraconservative to change the Constitution in profound ways. The movement started roughly twenty-five years ago, and continues today.

Details of agenda of this movement include expanding of executive power, narrowing basic civil liberties, and lessening consumer protections guaranteed by the Commerce Clause, among other items. The movement has been somewhat successful as recently highlighted with the 2005 ruling of the Supreme Court in Kelo v. City of New London, which found that the Constitution permits the government to seize private property by eminent domain for eco- nomic development.

The documentary featured legal scholars Cass Sunstein and Peter Edelman, who agreed that the movement requires the attention of and action by the American people in order to prevent the complete erosion of Constitution protections.

Conservatives of course are diametrically opposed to expanding executive power, narrowing basic liberties, and lessening consumer protections.  – that’s this leftist administration’s goal.

They said conservatives were successful in the Kelo decision which is the exact opposite of the truth. Conservatives weren’t successful and are vehemently opposed to government stealing private land for the purpose of enriching private corporations.

Getting back to encouraging the students supporting the rioters/protesters, only the criminals and looters need the legal advice.

Fall 06.newsletter – UDC David A. Clarke School of Law


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