Leftist Dems Swarm Sen. McConnell, Shouting, “We Know Where You Live, B*tch”


Democrat Socialists of America [Socialist/Communist Democrats] are following the lead of Maxine Waters and harassing and threatening officials in the Trump administration. On Saturday, a group of angry Louisville DSA members marched right up to within inches of Senator Mitch McConnell after he left a restaurant near his home.

The radicals surrounded him as he walked to his car with another unidentified man, screaming and shouting, “Where are the babies, Mitch?” and “Vote you out.”

One of the leftists, a man, shouted ominously, “Where are the children. Where are the babies, bitch? Turtlehead. Yeah, we know where you live, we know where you live bitch, we know where you live. Abolish ICE.”

As the senator got in his car, the same man said, “we did good fellow citizens.”

They continued to shout, “No justice, no peace. No comfort for Fascists.”

It seems to us that people who threaten and attack opponents while they are on their own time are the Fascists.

It is troubling to see that these Democrat Party-sanctioned radicals are able to get so close to the Senator in these dangerous times.

Along the lines of the Maxine attack plan, far-left Salon wrote that this is about facing “public backlash”. They didn’t explain that this was a revolutionary group of Democrats. The public, in this case, are Socialists [Communists] who plan and organize these abusive “protests” to make the victims look as if they are grassroots.

It isn’t surprising that Salon also wrote words of encouragement: “As Trump and his party continue to implement cruel policies towards migrants, they should expect the same treatment.”

Maxine Water’s plan for America

Republicans are being targeted. Over the last several years, menacing Democrats from OFA and the Indivisibles have shown up at town halls and some have become violent. A leftist Bernie supporter tried to kill Rep. Steve Scalise and many other Republicans on a baseball field in Arlington last year. Leftists have abusively approached other officials, as Maxine Waters urged, including former EPA head Scott Pruitt, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

One Democrat was arrested this week in the 1st congressional district of Long Island for threatening to kill Rep. Zeldin’s supporters and President Trump supporters. He tried to run one campaign worker down.

It’s Maxine’s Democrat Party now.



Democrat Socialists of America [Communists] are running on the platform of ‘no borders, no profit, no prisons, no cash bail’ and 100 percent free healthcare for all. While that is fully unaffordable, as even Bernie Sanders has said, they will demand it anyway. The DSA has chapters throughout the country and has been successful in running candidates who win primaries, such as in the case of the chic Socialist in New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ben Jealous in Maryland.


The truth is Barack Obama followed the same policy of separation, but the leftists didn’t much care with the exception of a few far-left outlets and the ACLU.

On Fox News Sunday recently, host Chris Wallace interviewed former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, who said without reservation that under President Barack Obama, they did detain some children alone and some families together.

It is also something for which the ACLU blasted President Obama years ago. Additionally, according to the Huffington Post and Alternet, he separated some 70,000 families.

When parents are imprisoned, the children are separated and that’s what the administration did. Currently, after some nobody judge in a district court put a hold on the policy, all of the illegal aliens with children, some of whom are not their children, will be freed in the United States.

This will encourage more illegal aliens to take children on this dangerous journey. It’s a flood of economic migrants, terrorists, and criminals pretending to be refugees now, but it will soon be an invasion if it isn’t already.

None of that matters to the dishonest leftists in these groups, in the media, and in the fake fact-checking organizations.

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