Leftist Foreigner Trevor Noah Says Trump’s Like an African Dictator


Trevor Noah said President Trump reminds him of an “African dictator” and we should all “follow the money”.

Most would disagree and say Barack Obama was like an African dictator. Obama is the one who violated the Constitution at least nine times according to the Supreme Court. He is the one who had a pen and phone. And his father even came from Africa and worked for a thug dictator.

Noah was interviewing CNN’s dishonest talking head Brian Stelter when he made his comments. Trevor is a transplant from South Africa where thug dictators are murdering white farmers. Maybe he should go back and try to make his country better.

The conversations started with a discussion of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s questionable dealings. Of course, they did not notice Stormy’s lawyer’s sketchy dealings. As usual with the left, the conversation became an attack on Trump.

Noah said, with his usual lack of humor, “I said from the very beginning that Donald Trump reminds me of an African dictator. And if you know anything about African dictators, the first thing you have to do is follow the money. And you follow the money with the people closest to them, family members, business associates.”

“All you do is watch for the money. And I would have been disappointed had we not found out or had Michael Cohen not done this. I’m like, yes, this is following the script. This is what you were meant to be doing as the person who rolls with Donald Trump. You are always going to be finding a way to swindle cash.”

“And now the question really that remains is, did Trump know? And did these companies really not get anything? Because I feel like that’s a quick way for the stories to just disappear. Yes, yes, yes, we paid him, we didn’t get anything. Let’s — let’s move along. Let’s move on.”

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