Leftist Governor Admits the True Goal Is to “Make Guns Worthless”



Andrew Cuomo, who is demanding national gun laws, just admitted the true goal of the left and that is to “make the guns worthless”.

One of our leftist reporters out of MSNBC, Mike Barnacle, asked Governor Cuomo why not tax guns out of existence. Tax them so much that it will be “nearly prohibitive to buy the weapon?”

Cuomo blamed the problem of too many guns on the southern states. The leftists are incapable of blaming the actual criminals and terrorists for the crimes.

Cuomo cleverly quoted the late Patrick Moynihan but it’s only to deflect, it’s him saying that ammo should require background checks and should be taxed exorbitantly. The goal is to make the guns worthless!!! He also showed his lack of regard for the Second Amendment – it has “limitations,” he said. It’s only a matter of time before the left wins in his estimation.

Don’t all those pesky Amendments.

“Yeah. Two things — this is interesting,” Cuomo said. “Two things. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, God rest his soul, said don’t look at the guns. There are too many guns in existence already. Look at the ammunition, look at the bullets. And he wanted a basically a background check on the purchase of ammunition or a tax on the purchase of ammunition. Because he thinks — he thought if you stop the ammunition the guns would be worthless rather than actually trying the control the gun.”

“I don’t know frankly that a state by state response is going to work. I have the toughest guns laws in the country. And I have guns coming in every day from the southern states. You know, it doesn’t stop someone from getting in a car and driving a few hours and filling up the trunk full of guns, it actually makes the guns more valuable when they bring them in.”

“This is going to have to be a national response. And I think it’s only a matter of time. I don’t think the NRA represents the people of this country. I don’t think the NRA represents the gun owners of this country. And the Second Amendment argument we all understand, but we also understand the limitations of the Second Amendment argument.”

“And the congress which is so bullish on security and protection and the military and fighting terrorism and their row bust and their ready to go, but you would allow terrorists who are suspected of terrorism in this country buy a gun. It makes no sense. And ultimately, even in Washington logic wins.”


During today’s presser, Josh Earnest was asked about gun control measures being put in place before the president’s term ends and he said “the president is not giving up.”



  1. Meanwhile in other socialist lefty la la land news ! 1 billion dollar arms deal to Saudi Arabia got the green light! I’m sure what was sold has a lot more kick than any ” assault weapon” they want to ban.
    My advice to little prince Andy…”Get a good lawyer, Shelly was just the opening act!”

  2. What a moron, so people drive over the state line and buy ammo and NY retailers lose business, the state loses taxes, and they now have another deficit to make up by taxing something else!

    • Factually, your statement is correct. However, be careful with your statements like this. Profit and tax revenues are not the reasons for citizens to own guns.

      Molon Labe!

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