Leftist Hate Group Labels Dr. Ben Carson a Hater – Update


Update: 02/10/15: The Southern Poverty Law Center took Dr. Carson off the list Thursday. He’s no longer a hater!

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a team of social justice lawyers cozy with the ACLU, is actually an Orwellian hate group that fronts for far-left individuals and groups, serves as apologists for Islamo-Fascists, and labels people “haters” if they disagree with the leftist agenda on LGBT, illegal immigration, radical Islam, political correctness in general.

They do appropriately label right-wing hate groups such as the KKK, NAZIs and various Aryan Brotherhood organizations and even the leftists in The Nation of Islam and other Black Separatist groups, but don’t be fooled.

You won’t find terror-connected groups like BDS, CAIR or the Muslim Student Association on their lists though they are clearly tied to Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood. SPLC defends them and labels their opponents instead.

Communist and Socialist organizations trying to overturn our form of government such as The Center for American Progress, The Communist Party USA, The Revolutionary Communist Party, The Progressive Labor Party, The Freedom from Religion Foundation, Military Religious Freedom Foundation are also defended or ignored while the brilliant Daniel Greenfield, the NRA, Tea Party Nation, traditional Catholics, anti-illegal immigration groups, Mormons and Evangelicals like Tony Perkins and his organization, make the hate watch list.

SPLC has a covert political agenda.

They recently put the remarkable and kind Dr. Ben Carson on the extremist list because of some quotes taken out of context. They have boiled his expansive viewpoints to only one ideology – anti-LGBT – though he has clearly stated he loves gays as he loves anyone but believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

Dr. Carson, now retired, was a highly-regarded neurosurgeon at the esteemed Johns Hopkins. He successfully performed a first-ever separation of twins joined at the back of the head. SPLC described it as one medical achievement that got him media attention.

Anyone who opposes gay marriage based on the Bible is a “hater.”

If you oppose illegal immigration, you are said to oppose immigration and are a racist.

Anyone against Agenda 21, the UN or the extremist climate change agenda is a conspiracy theorist.

If you disagree with one of their causes and are reasonably successful in opposing it, you will make the list.

They are a group that silences people they disagree with. Under Barack Obama, they have advised the federal government to place Catholics, Evangelicals and Mormons on the list of hate groups in the Army training manual.

The Obama FBI had the SPLC listed as a resource along with the leftist Anti-Defamation League but both have been scrubbed since World Net Daily (WND) did a few stories on it. SPLC listed WND as a hate group.

Before scrubbing:

fbi 2013

After scrubbing:

fbi 2015

What you won’t find listed as an SPLC hate group are The Revolutionary Communist Party, The Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists, Soros hate groups, and so on. You might find articles defending them however.

SPLC is involved in Teaching Tolerance in schools throughout the nation but they do so from a propagandized Marxist perspective.

In their own words, on their website, they describe their “Teaching Tolerance program” as one that “works through educators to nurture a new generation that is more accepting of difference and more engaged in social justice than those that preceded it. We want kids to get along with each other and, just as important, see themselves as global citizens in a diverse society with the capacity to work together for a fairer world.”

They are social justice Marxists who are good at labeling people on the right whom they hate in their attempt to help mold a new, leftist America because they see traditional Americans as haters.

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