Leftist Haters Spend July 4 Ripping the President’s Celebration of America


The President’s speech on July 4th was not political and it was moving. He recounted the many victories and successes in the countries 243-year history. The Blue Angels soared overhead with the band playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic at the end. Beautiful fireworks lit up the D.C. sky.

People who trashed him before the event look very ridiculous, but they can’t be embarrassed it seems. During the event, they continued with their hate mantras, non-stop.

The left won’t let us enjoy July 4th. While Democrats in this country ruin July 4th as best they can, Dubai lit up their tallest building. It was a very nice gesture.

The Washington Post’s fake conservative, Jennifer Rubin‏, complained mindlessly that “the militarization of the 4th of July is deeply weird, made only weirder by watching him through a plexiglass, rain-streaked shield, and his stilted delivery. My favorite part was encouraging OTHER people to join the military.”

The military deserves to be recognized, especially on July 4th. What does she think Independence Day was about?

Communist Sanders ranted about affordable housing and infrastructure. He didn’t mention that Trump wants to deal with infrastructure but his party refuses to discuss it unless it’s 100 percent their way.

Beto, the fake Hispanic, aka Robert Francis O’Rourke, was out ripping the U.S. flag.

The petty Democrat media refused to air the President’s celebration.

Rob Reiner spewed the usual hate. “In the face of a humanitarian crisis, that this malignant narcissist would steal taxpayer dollars to stage a partisan display of Autocracy to massage his damaged psyche is nothing short of sociopathic.”

In fact, the humanitarian crisis is an invasion at the border brought on by his party’s policies.

Bette Midler, a chubby has-been, called the President a “#FatFuck. Lovely.

Communist Warren has taken huge sums from corporations but now claims she doesn’t do it.

As we have said repeatedly, all the hate comes from the left.

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