Leftist heads explode after Justice Gorsuch shows up on Fox


The leftists are out of their minds. They now seem to think it’s a sin of sorts for a Supreme Court Justice to appear on Fox to wish Americans a Merry Christmas. Of course, there was an interview and the left objected to that too.

Justice Gorsuch explained that Americans know too little about their government. He’s right and he should be worried.

The left claims he went on to hawk his book, but Fox always mentions peoples’ achievements and books. Justice Gorsuch was hawking knowledge.

All of these leftists complaining are far-left partisans. Remarkably, the most partisan of all, CNN’s Brian Stelter, complained. What a pathetic ‘reporter’ he is. He mustn’t have known that Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor showed up on left-wing shows.

Since when is knowledge of the government a GOP talking point? It’s good she admitted it. Good to know the Democrats don’t want it.

He’s on for a good reason.

This guy is dumb:

Here is someone who makes sense:

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