Leftist Nature Boy Robert Redford Wants Us In Boats Without Motors


redford Photo of Robert Redford. He’s spent a little too much time whispering to horses.

Robert Redford, known for his far-left ideology, is now railing about economic and technological advancement. That’s quite ironic since his significant personal economic advancement can be credited to the movie technology he feeds off.

He sees us heading for burn out. If it were 1899, he’d be writing an article about why the horse will never give way to the automobile.

I bet he doesn’t own an iPad. For a Progressive, he has no love of progress.

He is out-and-about promoting his film about a man and his boat – without a motor – it’s a silent movie. Bring a headset if you go to see it.

“We are in a dire situation; the planet is speaking with a very loud voice,” Redford warns. He said we are destroying culture and Native-American culture.

I hear the planet speaking to me also and it keeps saying global warming is a hoax.

He’s a rich environmental hypocrite who doesn’t want the rest of us to have oil:

In his final analysis, he said the US has lost its way since WWII (I’m thinking more like 2008).

Ignoring the Obama scandals, he says, “Certain things have got lost,” said Redford. “Our belief system had holes punched in it by scandals that occurred, whether it was Watergate, the quiz show scandal, or Iran-Contra; it’s still going on…Beneath all the propaganda is a big grey area, another America that doesn’t get any attention; I decided to make that the subject of my films.”

Not a word about Benghazi, the IRS or the AP, just the vague reference to scandals continuing. He really didn’t need to travel back into time to find scandals.

I really have no interest in any movie he makes or stars in. He’s just another hypocrite. I particularly don’t want to see his dumbed-down version of Moby Dick without the religious references.

He’s come a long way since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and that is unfortunate.

I’ll keep my technology and skip his movies, thank you very much.

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