Leftist Power in the Classroom


We are told that we must diversify our neighborhoods, but that tolerance only seems to go one way.

An article I first read on a website affiliated with Buffalo Public Schools caught my attention and I decided to trace its origins. What I found was fairly shocking. The article, White People, Why Are So Many of You So F*****g Fragile? appears on websites and Facebook pages of so-called educators in more than just Buffalo schools. It’s interesting because of the hate it spreads and where it’s being spread.

The Buffalo Parent-Teacher’s Organization in Buffalo, New York, which is fronting for the New York State United Teachers and the Buffalo Teachers Federation according to Board Member Carl Paladino, posted it on the Facebook page, Buffalo Schools: Believe, for the children to see. The program is highly visible, it’s leftist, it’s propaganda and it’s supported with tax dollars – $500,000 to be exact.

The subtitle of the article is: “The problem here, my fellow whiteys, is that racism does still exist in America today. In fact, it’s alive and kicking, and shows itself readily to anyone what actually wishes to see it..'”

It’s written by Danny LeDuc aka The Angriest Angel – a self-loathing white guy and ardent supporter of the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter.

Angry Devil

Danny LeDuc

The article is a manifestation of the same hate, bigotry, and ignorance the writer is railing against.

This is an excerpt:

The behavior I’m referring to is deep indignation at the accusations I recently leveled at my fellow white people. To sum up, I called most of white America in on the carpet, and blasted them with both barrels for the horrid way in which we white Americans have treated people of color. I repeatedly referred to white America as “we”, even going back to pre-Civil War slavery’s era.

But oh, wow…are there ever a lot of white people (almost all of them men, I’ll point out) who responded with practically a word-for-word response: “I didn’t do any of those things. I’m not a racist.”

The very idea that I would have the nerve to lump them in with blatant overt white supremacists was just way too much for them to handle. They felt I had no right to label all white people (meaning them) as racist, slave owners, white supremacists, or any other term that might cast an aspersion on their goodness and decency. After all, they never owned slaves. They never lynched a black man.

This racist dribble is unimportant but what is important is our taxpayer dollars are going to fund programs promoting this garbage which is being used to indoctrinate America’s young children with the worst kind of hate. It’s a way to win over poor minorities to the leftist cause.

The latest nonsense is “white fragility” which is – allegedly – according to the Salad Bowl website – “a series of responses and defense mechanisms used by white people when they are confronted with discussions about racism. For white people, their identities rest on the idea of racism as about good or bad people, about moral or immoral singular acts, and if we’re good, moral people we can’t be racist – we don’t engage in those acts. This is one of the most effective adaptations of racism over time—that we can think of racism as only something that individuals either are or are not ‘doing.'”

This is utter nonsense.

“White fragility” is right up there with “white privilege” and “white supremacy”. It is an effort by the left to portray our country and white people as inherently racist, our systems as hopelessly racist, and the only solution to all this racism of course is to end the Capitalist system and replace it with some utopian statist society.

The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools also posted the article along with articles by Communists like famed Stalinist educator Mike Klonsky.

Philadelphia is a poor minority area and this is where the leftists have a huge impact.


Marxist-Stalinist, Mike Klonsky

The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools (APPS) claims to be “an organization of parents, community members, teachers, school nurses and librarians dedicated to the preservation of public schools.”

The article was also posted on another educator’s cyber-community website called Empathy Educates which has a Facebook page dedicated to Bernie Sanders, George Soros’ Mother Jones, and essays such as the one that claims white people are all “smug racists”.

Affiliates of Empathy Educates are the nationwide movements, Save Our Schools and Small Schools. Small Schools was founded by domestic terrorist and Communist Bill Ayers. Mike Klonsky is one of the leaders of the program.

Ayers is also closely aligned with Save Our Schools. Bill Ayers is listed as a partner of Empathy Educates on their website.

Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers

The co-editor of Empathy Educates, Bob George, is the National Director for Save Our Schools and an active member of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization and the Journey For Justice 2 Alliance

The article was originally posted on a website called The Medium July 14th. As you might guess, it’s a very left of left-wing site.

The Buffalo tax-funded propaganda is blatant. The tax money goes for signs like the one below.

Buffalo Schools Believe

Buffalo Schools: Believe is getting parents to post signs on the front lawns.This isn’t going to solve their problems – about 50% of the student don’t graduate and only half go to school at all.

Also on the program’s Facebook page is a promotion of social justice rallies.

Buffalo Schools Beleive

The left-wing propaganda article also appeared on the Journey 4 Justice website which focuses on Chicago minority schools.

One affiliate of some of these groups is BATs, which I happen to know from personal interactions is a group of thousands of Socialist-Communist-Union activists.

Another affiliate is Border Crossers which “trains and equips educators to be leaders of racial justice in their schools and communities,” according to their website.

In other words, they radicalize students and teach them to protest for radical causes.


Howard Zinn

Many are tied to the extreme Rethinking Schools movement begun by Howard Zinn. You can read about that on this link. Famed Marxist Howard Zinn wrote A People’s History of the United States, a vulgar narrative of history in which the United States was forever cast as the villain and which was meant to poison the minds of so many young Americans. In this tale, the United States is evil on earth.

This is what some of our children, especially our poor minority children, are being exposed to, so if you wonder where all this “White Privilege” hate is coming from, look to the leftist networks who have worked hard to infiltrate the school system, especially in our poorer neighborhoods.

Terrorist Bill Ayers said that the left’s power is in the schools and classrooms.



  1. It continues to astound me how this stuff continues, and is doubly upsetting that is sponsored by the state. However, it is not surprising. I’ve seen is all my life, and at one time, probably espoused some of it.

    What I KNOW, we are all imperfect, and might never repent of whatever it is we are doing that we don’t want to change about ourselves. This makes for fertile ground depending upon the experience and maturity of where those seeds are sown, and how artfully they tended. It is one of God’s parables.

  2. I wonder where all these leftwing loon teachers came from – College !!! We need to reverse the brainwashing in this Country or lose America to the kids who are being taught to hate it. Horrific.

  3. I don’t understand how you can be so obtuse! Minorities have been murdered, choked out, abused, etc. and you all cry ‘apologist’ whenever someone thinks that’s bullshit. This isn’t recent history either, just within the past few months. How many dead people does it take for there to be a problem?

    And on another note, it’s not like taxpayer money is funding the facebook post, it funds the school that funds the teachers, no money is going towards facebook.

    And seriously? Obama is still a Muslim? We’ve seen his damn birth certificate!

    • Who said he’s a Muslim?

      No one is disclaiming the wrongs done to blacks but we are not an evil, racist nation and our system is not inherently racist. We make up for those wrongs but it’s not okay for people to condone and promote anti-white hate. Those are the talking points of the communists and other America haters of which you are probably one.

      The money goes to the groups that support this hate and some of these groups do get government funding.

      • 1. The video attached to this article explicitly has people decrying him as a Muslim.

        2. I agree, we are not evil, but at some point one has to accept that these deaths that are a result of repetitive neglect and in a similar fashion are not independent events. The only possibility is systemic racism.

        3. No one is condoning “anti-white hate”. This isn’t about hating white people, or at least it shouldn’t be. I’ll concede that the facebook post was a bit extremist in its tendency to blame all white people instead of focusing on issues where white people abuse their power, but the overall issue is about protecting minorities that are victimized repetitively, not hating white people. Also, this isn’t the talking point of communism. Communism has nothing to do with racial inequalities, it’s about class inequalities.

        4. I take your talk of communism to mean that you think I am a communist. I agree that communism is an incredibly broken, unrealistically idealistic system that cannot work and communists are fools. I’m a socialist, not a communist. Socialism allows for more private ownership and a more decentralized government, as well as democracy. Communism isn’t evil either, just somewhat misguided and misused by tyrants. The belief that communism is evil is just a holdover from the Cold War.

        5. If I hated America I would move to a country like Denmark, where people who outright say that Mexico ‘sends’ its people to the U.S. and implicitly describes the majority of Mexicans and other immigrants from the south as rapists would be shunned instead of becoming frontrunners for President. My distaste for racism in this country and for the people who say it doesn’t exist is because I think America should be better. If I hated America I would be apathetic to things that I think make us the most backwards country in the Western world.

        6. Money has been granted to the Buffalo Schools Believe program because it seeks to improve racism in the community. I agree, the article LeDuc wrote saying that white people condone racism through subtle methodology was a bit extreme, but the overall goal is betterment of a community to combat racism, which I think is a cause we can all agree on.

        • For my first contention, I apologize, I was erroneous, it seems that in actuality the speaker is referring to how the right-wing called him a Muslim and there is no stance by the speaker on the subject. I was hasty in that, but I believe the rest of my points still stand.

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