These Are the Leftist Radicals Who Forced Nunes to Step Aside on Russia Investigation


Devin Nunes is stepping aside from the Russia investigation temporarily as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee because of the pressure leftist activist groups are putting on him. They have leveled ethics charges against him. He called the charges “entirely false and politically motivated,” but he said it was in the committee’s best interests for him to temporarily step aside from the investigation.

Democracy 21, a Soros-funded group, and CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) requested that the Office of Congressional Ethics investigate whether Nunes “publicly revealed classified information in violation of Rule 23, clause 13” when he told reporters last month that he had obtained information about “American intelligence monitoring foreign officials” who may have “incidentally picked up communications of Trump transition team members.”

Democracy 21, based in Washington, DC, Democracy 21 describes itself as a “nonpartisan” group that seeks to “eliminate the undue influence of big money in American politics and to ensure the integrity and fairness of government decisions and elections.” In practice, the organization has restricted citizen participation in the political process by limiting the ways in which constituents can give money to the party or candidate of their choice. Democracy 21 has also helped the network of George Soros-led Shadow Party groups gain immense influence within the Democratic Party.

CREW is also funded by Soros and other deep-pocketed leftist donors and the organization is tied to David Brock of Media Matters. The foundation funders of CREW, many of which are members of or otherwise linked with the Democracy Alliance group of liberal megadonors, clearly demonstrate the partisan and ideological alignment of the organization. Among the groups in the Democracy Alliance’s funding orbit is one of CREW’s stablemates in the David Brock liberal group empire, Media Matters for America.

Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the panel’s top Democrat, praised Mr. Nunes’s decision, saying it was made in the “best interests of the investigation.”

Partisan Democrat Schiff – pencil neck – gets to stay and manipulate the meetings.

Pencil Neck -partisan Adam Schiff

“It will allow us to have a fresh start moving forward,” he told reporters.

Mr. Nunes came under fire from leftists and Democrats in Congress last month after he announced that he believed Mr. Trump or members of his transition team may have been “incidentally” caught up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies. He cited “dozens” of intelligence reports he described as classified.

The House Committee on Ethics said Mr. Nunes was under investigation because of public reports that he “may have made unauthorized disclosures of classified information.” Nunes revealed information – in a very non-specific way – the American people need to know.

When will the GOP start fighting? Investigate Soros, Clinton, Brock, the entire lot of leftists destroying our country and undermining our Republic.

Nunes is being replaced by Texas Rep. Mike Conaway and Trey Gowdy.

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