Leftist Says White Christians Supporting Moore Treat Women Like Blacks Under Apartheid


Joy Ann Reid used her show to demean Roy Moore supporters. She has already convicted Roy Moore and, as to be expected, she went after Evangelicals.

There are nine accusers and, in her mind, that is a conviction, but in this country, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Frank Schaeffer grew up as an Evangelical and, based on his limited experiences, he condemned them as hypocrites.

“Evangelical white American Christianity is now a revelistic religion,” he claimed. “My dad used to always rail with relativistic situational ethics. That was the talk back when I was a kid and he was holding forth on these issues. Who is now the propagator of situational ethics?”

He then said that Evangelical women are treated like blacks during apartheid.

“Women should sit down and shut up in church and not be heard from. And not just church, any situation, and be in obedience to your husband. That is the context in which these good women of Alabama are standing up supporting not just Roy Moore but an entires so — sociological system. During the apartheid area, you could have 20 black witnesses talking about it and none of them counted. Evangelicals treat women that way, discount what they say and now are preaching moral relativism. I just want that to sink into the audience, moral relativism being preached from evangelicals. How the world is now upside down.”

I know Evangelicals and not one is like that. My experiences are as good as his.

There were nine accusers of Herman Cain also, all claimed he was having affairs with them over a three year period. Two had loose ties to David Axelrod. They all disappeared from view and no longer had claims once Cain dropped out of the presidential race.

All but one of the accusers of Donald Trump disappeared when he was elected and several were debunked. The one who didn’t disappear is a client of Gloria Allred’s.

All of us remember, the fake UVA rapes, the Duke LaCrosse players, Mattress Girl, and many of us can recall Tawana Brawley and the rash of fake stories about day care centers that allowed child molestation in the 1980s. The McMartin family were accused of child molestation at their child center and they were innocent. They were ruined in the court of public opinion and by an ambitious LA District Attorney.

There was the unsubstantiated case against Justice Clarence Thomas by Anita Hill. He was convicted by the public and was barely appointed. There was no evidence, only the word of one person who had an agenda.

Many of these predators like Harvey Weinstein have admitted it or there is actual evidence. We don’t have that on Roy Moore yet.

That didn’t stop Reid or some of her sanctimonious panelists.

Reid and Schaeffer took an Evangelical pastor’s words out of context and you can listen to the exchange here. Keep in mind that these are the same people who would never say a word against sharia and Islamic lifestyles, including their treatment of women.

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