Leftist Who Slimed the Sentinel Says Baltimore Riots Are Just Like the American Revolution



Modern Day George Washingtons?

Do you remember seeing Ben Franklin in Baltimore Monday night? How about Samuel Adams? Surely when you saw the rioters it conjured up a vision of the early revolutionaries. Actually, I thought I saw Paul Revere on a horse but I can’t be sure, maybe it was some crazy person driving a stolen car through the flames of burning goods from looted stores.

No, I haven’t lost my mind, but the far-left has.

The leftists are claiming the rioters in Baltimore are revolutionaries in the mold of the Founding Fathers.

They are revolutionaries, that’s true, but these revolutionaries are spurred on by white communists and black separatists.

The Sentinel was slimed by one of these leftist advocates of the new American revolution – Jarret Ruminski – who also happens to be a Revisionist Historian known for his fanatical and anarchistic rants against all things traditonal. He writes in the safety of distance in Canada, reminding me of the anonymous people who blog in their boxer shorts from their mother’s basement.

Ruminski writes articles that come close to slandering Christians, Republican politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz, and demonizing joyous American holidays.

He wrote one article for Salon about Thanksgiving in which he portrayed the holiday as an inglorious celebration of greed.

It’s easy to see why Thanksgiving is so popular: What screams “America!’” more than a holiday where you have the free rein to engorge yourself into a state of a postprandial somnolence while becoming fused to the sofa in front of a 400-inch plasma screen displaying the exploits of herculean men who traverse a large field while bashing their helmeted heads together in simulated combat? Excessive gluttony and mock gladiatorial violence! Now that is what American freedom is all about.

He has a problem with those who watch football on big-screen TVs. He’s better than that.

He was no kinder to Christmas: 

“…its irony-proof annual ritual of greed, envy and lust-driven consumerism in celebration of the birth of a humble, first-century Nazarene Jew who told his followers to sell all of their possessions to the poor…”

While he’s writing nasty articles on these holidays, the rest of us are thanking God for all our blessings.

His point is lost thanks to his angry, bombastic abuse of the English language and American tradition. In his arrogance, he believes he knows what goes on in the homes of Americans everywhere at holiday time.

Ruminski might prefer May Day.

It’s not about the holiday really. American holidays must be destroyed by the leftists so they can build their utopia here in the United States on the burnt embers of traditional America.

It’s no surprise Ruminski would defend criminals and attack those who disagree.

Ruminski had a problem with a Sentinel article titled, Black Thugs Are Misguided Children You Racist. Ruminski seems to think the word “thug” is synonymous with the “n” word and if it’s racist to use it.

My article appears to have inspired him to write a crazy article.

He wrote that the Baltimore riots are part of American tradition in their faux war against police brutality.

“Riots are terrible things,” he said, “and yes, the few hundred rioters in Baltimore are being counterproductive by tearing apart their own communities…Those rioters who looted and destroyed the CVS pharmacy may be opportunists, they may be criminals, and they may be utterly apolitical. But one thing they are not is un-American.

May be criminals?

Ruminski agreed that riots are “terrible things” but then proceeded to justify them.

“Riots never happen without a spark; a very real instigation. That spark, however, quickly turns individuals into a roving collective in which individual thoughts and actions are subsumed by base — even pointless — responses fed by the need to unleash intense emotions by looting and breaking stuff,” Ruminski said beginning his endless excuse making.

What went on Monday night was not a fight for a cause. It was pure criminality with young people being encouraged to show complete disregard for other peoples’ well-being and property.

The left is now making excuses for them.

The leftists blame imaginary white privilege and white supremacy for everything wrong with the lives of blacks when it’s really liberalism that has failed them.

Writer Ruminski went on to list events in history where riots occurred to show that rioting is an American tradition, drawing moral equivalence between people fighting for freedom and the gangs and other radicals committing crimes in Baltimore.

That is not to say the Baltimoreans don’t have legitimate complaints but how can you tell with radicals speaking for them?

Communists, Anarchists and Socialists are marching today on May Day in numerous cities in this country to protest alleged systemic police brutality. It’s a totalitarian cause.That is what Baltimore is mostly about. That’s what these false attacks of racism and classism are about.

The goal is to bring the police departments under the auspices of a totalitarian government that will decide what justice is and how police officers will respond to criminality by minorities.

We got to see some of it in Baltimore Monday night. “Stand down, stand down, back up, back up, retreat, retreat,” the officers were told as Baltimore burned.

There is an American Revolution taking place but it’s not about freedom, it’s about totalitarianism.

Wake up America.


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