Leftists Stir Up Trouble Across Our Nation’s Colleges


When the riots and bombings of the 1960s and 1970s started, they started in colleges. At the time I was sympathetic with the injustice towards blacks but the violence surrounding their cause was meant to fundamentally transform America into a leftist hellhole.

It’s happening again.

Barack Obama has said he often regretted missing the era – his mother’s era – and, ironically, he is helping recreate it, only the black cause is not freedom, it’s fascism.

Student at Ithaca with her Communist-fist shirt.
Student at Ithaca, in her Communist-fist shirt, chanting “Tom Rochon, no confidence,” referring to the college president. Credit Brett

BlackLivesMatter/Ferguson II has spread from Mizzou to other college campuses where spoiled, erratic children seek to gain power, not for freedom, but for statism.

At Mizzou, they set up tents.
At Mizzou, they set up tents.

While there is no significant violence yet, and they are allowed to protest, they had at least one president fired, demanded the firing of others, harassed professors who disagreed, and pushed a journalist around on the Mizzou campus. It is an intolerant leftist movement seeking to enslave us to a PC culture.

The NY Times got it all wrong again, saying, college campuses were experiencing “intense focus on racial misunderstanding and whether activism stifles free speech.”

That’s hardly true. This isn’t about racial misunderstanding, it’s about leftism, and it isn’t about activism, it’s about fascism and yes, fascism stifles free speech.

The Times reported:

Hundreds of students demonstrated at Ithaca College in upstate New York on Wednesday, demanding the resignation of the college president, Tom Rochon, for what they said was his lackluster response to complaints of racial insensitivity on campus, including an episode in which two white male alumni on a panel called a black alumna a “savage,” after she said she had a “savage hunger” to succeed.

As with Mizzou, it’s probably not true.

Another 100 students protested at Smith College, in Northampton, Mass – a tiny number.

Is Occupy at KU?
Is Occupy at KU?

At the University of Kansas, the administration called a town hall meeting to give students and faculty a chance “to be heard” before any concerns about race on campus could grow.

Students are supposed to go to college to learn, not to start communist movements. We’ve lost our way.

You can’t even dress for Halloween in a good-natured way:

At Claremont McKenna College in California, the junior class president resigned Tuesday after a furor over a Facebook photograph that showed her posing with two women who were wearing sombreros, ponchos and mustaches for Halloween. A campus demonstration followed on Wednesday.

Yale students want more inclusiveness'
Yale students demanding inclusiveness.

And at Yale, the campus is still in turmoil about an overheard “white girls only” remark at an off-campus fraternity party, and debating over whether students had a right to wear transgressive Halloween costumes.

They are whining and moaning about not having “safe spaces.”

By now, most have seen the shrieking banshee video out of Yale:

It’s absolutely insane and, by the way, the fraternity brothers deny the “white girls only” comment and there are NO witnesses.

At Ithaca, they are upset over “microaggressions” — yes, microaggressions. There are too few teachers of color, they further complain.

Micro aggressions, for those who don’t know, are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.

The little cupcakes can’t handle life. God help them as their future looks dim.

This entire protest, which is now spreading, is about statism and fascism. It’s about transforming us into an obedient culture of elites and their subjects, a culture without free speech.

Keep your Second Amendment and keep your guns, you’re going to need them if they get the country they so crave.


Source: NY Times