Leftists and Their Lovely Children Flip Off While Cursing at Trump Rally Goers


We hear a lot about the riots at Trump rallies and little about who the rioters are. We hear a lot about Trump’s unfortunate earlier, mostly joking remarks about punching crazed protesters, but we hear nothing about the criminal behavior of opponents being completely unjustified.

Particularly insane is the fact that illegal immigrants are behind a lot of this along with their leftist-liberal supporters. We should be marching them onto ICE trucks for deportation. These people are going to determine our future unless drastic action is taken.

A Trump rally just prior to the glorious Soviet holiday of May Day saw DREAMERs, our New Americans, and other liberals acting repulsively as Trump supporters made their way to a Trump rally in Indiana. This comes via American Mirror. The well-trained children are screaming f*k you in the video below while giving the middle finger to passersby. You can also hear them calling Trump a male prostitute in Spanish.

What great Americans they will be, won’t they?

I think we need the @#&! wall.

People need to start looking at the kind of people coming into the USA illegally and decide if this is what they want the USA to look like.

Video via vidmax