Leftists Are Setting Us Up for Terror Attacks


The United States would have enough to worry about if it were only from invasions by foreign powers, but we also have returning terrorists, homegrown terrorists, communists and fascists marching for faux causes, and our borders are open. If we don’t do something to stop the hate America crowd, we will have the perfect storm.

Also frightening is that one of their unifying causes is anti-Semitism.

My friend’s cousin is a Jewish teacher who lives in Paris. She is French and has lived in Paris all her life. She’s looking to leave for the United States because she is afraid.

One of her students came up to her one day and asked her if she was Jewish. It threw her a bit and she wondered why she asked as she told the girl she was Jewish. The girl then said she was happy to hear it because she is Jewish but her parents told her not mention it to others because of all the hatred towards Jews in France.

Hatred of Jews isn’t just coming from terrorists and it isn’t only in France. The rising tide of anti-Semitism on our college campuses is particularly alarming. The boycotts against Jewish businesses and the attacks on Jews are being ignored. Sixty percent of hate crimes are against Jews, not Islamists.

The most dangerous terrorists are those within.

We are actually allowing students from terrorist countries to come here to “study”. We don’t vet them and more than 15,000 of them have jumped visas. We’re self-destructive and need to stop these practices.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Ferguson protesters were flown to Palestine to learn about the struggle and to engage in anti-Semitic training sessions. The protesters in the Occupy movement and in Ferguson have had a strong anti-Semitic component from day one. Islamo-Fascists and leftists have always had shared ideologies.


Here are Karl Marx’ “useful idiots” dancing in the streets of Palestine:

The Ferguson and Occupy protests are led by communists, anarchists, socialists, and anti-Semites. They are the hate America base who will grab onto anything that will promote a negative view of the United States.

They are not the only terrorists from within.

France has more than a 1,000 citizens who have fought with terrorist groups and, like the United States, they are allowing them to return to France. Other European countries are in a similar situation and these terrorists all have EU passports which could grant them entrée to the United States. The United States also has at least a 100 who have fought alongside terrorists overseas.

We also know from intelligence officials that al-Qaida and ISIS have been training them to return to the West to commit acts of terror.

In light of the attacks that have taken place in the U.S., France, Australia, and the U.K., one would think Barack Obama would ban their return. He has a pen and phone but he uses it to do the opposite, he allows anyone and everyone to enter the U.S.

In September, Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop of Long Island told a concerned audience at a LIMBA meeting that of the approximately 100 Americans who went to fight in Iraq and Syria with ISIS, al-Qaida, and other terrorist groups, 40 had returned. He claimed they were being watched by the FBI.

Senior American intelligence officials told the Daily Beast in September of last year that six to twelve Americans who went to Syria to fight Assad returned to America. “We know where some are,” one senior U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast. “The concern is the scale of the problem we are dealing with.”

The scale of the problem was referenced by FBI Director James Comey who told reporters at the end of last year that he believed “dozens” of Americans were suspected to be foreign fighters in Syria.

The Daily Beast wrote that U.S. counter-terrorism and intelligence officials told them that there are just so many jihadists with Western passports traveling to fight in Syria that they worry some of them may slip back into the United States without being detected. They do not have the ability to track thousands.

Both Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Sen. Ted Cruz have sponsored bills to strip U.S. citizenship of ISIS fighters who have returned to the U.S. but they have been rejected by Democrats who want to protect the constitutional rights of the traitors.

Does anyone really believe they are all going to return to be model citizens?

It’s not only returning fighters that we have to worry about.

We have to worry about radicalization through the Internet. Terrorism is being spread through our prison system as well. Radical Islam does not have to train terrorists overseas. The threat is real and it’s here.

The Boston bombers were just such a threat. They learned how to make bombs on the Internet by reading the al-Qaida Inspire magazine.

Nadal Hassan was radicalized through emails with Al-Awlaki as was the recent Okalahoma beheader.

The French socialists will be marching in a national show of unity on Sunday but they have so far denied Marie Pen of the right-wing to join in. So much for freedom and their learning anything from this terror attack in Paris.

In fact, Christiane Amanpour, the perennial Islamophobia fear monger, has already politicized the event and is worried about Islamophobia and the rise of right wing extremism which she is trying to tie together. She is concerned about the “ugly and unseemly Islamophobia” which doesn’t exist and she is worried about the right wing growing in power since they won a lot of seats in the last election.

The left is incapable of learning the appropriate lessons from these terror attacks.

Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project of Terrorism said that it is too late for Europe – Europe is lost.


We’re probably lost too. We are enmeshed in the PC culture. We can’t stop blaming and hating the United States. The Kouachi brothers said they were avenging the death of Al-Awlaki, who we droned, and at least one was inspired by the photos of Abu Ghraib. Their transparent propaganda will be fodder for the media and the hate America crowd.

The attack on free speech will be forgotten and this will become an attack on the right who have nothing to do with any of this.

Abu Ghraib was over-publicized and overly-dramatized because of the leftists in this country and we can now see the results of this agenda. The U.S. terror report put out by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her cohorts will be no less damaging.

It is against this backdrop that Mr. Obama is allowing immigrants to flow through our southern border, jump visas, and seek asylum without proper vetting.

Our president refuses to even call the attacks Islamic attacks. While he is in denial, MI-15 is informing us that massive terror attacks are planned for the U.S. The latest issue of Inspire magazine claims they have an “undetectable” bomb to use against the United States.

Where is the president during all this? He’s in Tennessee talking about “free” college education for those who ‘work” for it.

We have an administration that alienates our allies and panders to our enemies.

All of this will create a perfect storm from which we will never return if we don’t push back.

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