Leftists Attack Other Fox Hosts as James Murdoch Aims for a “Respectable” Fox News


This is what is happening in the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s firing: the leftists are pushing James and Lachlan Murdoch to move Fox News to the political left which is what the plan might be anyway. The left’s plan includes taking down all of Fox’s right-wing pundits, one at a time.

Most concerning is James Murdoch’s view that he overthrew his own network to move it to the left according to The Independent.

Every day, the hard-left, especially Daily Beast and Media Matters attack another of the Fox Republican/Conservative hosts. After maligning Tucker Carlson this week, the left decided to end the week by hurling additional insults at Eric Bolling. Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld.

The race baiters at Daily Beast wrote: Both of those smirking dudebros [Watters and Bolling] have histories of race-baiting that stretch as far back as allegations of O’Reilly’s serial sexual-harassing.

No bias there – “smirking dudebros”?

Daily Beast took exception to Bolling once saying the thug dictator of Gambia visiting the White House is not the first time there has been a “hoodlum in the hizzouse”.

The Gambian president at the time, Yahya Jammeh, who held power since a 1994 coup, ran a government that had a long track record of using arbitrary arrests, threats, enforced disappearance, and torture to silence opposition voices. He also oversaw the persecution of gays.

Media Matters, the Soros-funded website, called Bolling a racist and Islamophobe.

Also today, Tucker was attacked – again – by US News. The outlet is pushing the fake news about Fox being a racist, misogynist network. In addition to going after Tucker and Bolling, they want executive Bill Shine out. Shine is a Roger Ailes holdover who leans right and who tried to keep O’Reilly. From US News:

The public has the right to know the facts about the toxic culture of harassment that appears to be endemic at the network.

That’s why NOW is calling for a thorough, independent investigation by New York City and state authorities into the culture of sexual and racial harassment at Fox News and for appropriate accountability measures to be taken. How else can we be reassured that women will never again be subjected to this inhumane treatment while their harassers continue to pocket eight-figure salaries?

What’s more, Roger Ailes’ hand-picked lieutenant, Bill Shine, needs to resign–without a golden parachute – to emphasize that Fox is serious about making a fresh start. If Fox News wants to show women even an ounce of respect, a lot more needs to happen beyond firing Bill O’Reilly.

That’s another thing. The left isn’t satisfied with destroying the careers of these people. They want to make sure they leave their positions without a dime.

Tucker was attacked again today in the article below as a misogynist though of course he isn’t, but truth doesn’t matter to the leftists.

Gutfeld told a suggestive joke Thursday and he’s now being called a misogynist who has to go. It was a crude joke but so what? The left is moral?

Without evidence, are we to believe the culture is sexist? Many of the people at Fox News are left-wing themselves, truth be told.

With O’Reilly off the air, Hollywood Reporter says it’s James Murdoch’s network now. James is a leftist.

Apparently James Murdoch was “disgusted” by the sexual harassment accusations. Also, his goal is to grow his politically correct Sky News as he “overthrows” his own network. He’s in “pursuit of ultimate respectability” and the only way he can do that is to shed all right-wingers.

Sanctimonious James is the same jerk who, as a tabloid owner, was illegally overseeing the hacking of peoples’ phones. James and his father were also involved in a cover up. Brother Lachlan Murdoch is in line with James’ thinking but has a much lesser role. James has also pushed his father out of the picture which is how he had a clear field to get rid of the right-wing Roger Ailes.

James is known to be more ruthless than his father as he grabs power on his rise to the top. The second son of Rupert wants his father retired; he wanted Ailes and O’Reilly gone; and he wanted the Sky News merger completed. He has won on all fronts.

Fox will become “respectable” by moving left in our estimation. Once O’Reilly was gone, the path was cleared for a left-wing reincarnation.


  1. What can you expect. James Murdoch wife Kathryn worked on Clinton Global Initiative. She also attacked Trump continually on Twitter. Fox will go down the drain because viewers are switching off. Check the remarks online. A lot of people going to OAN.

  2. I have news for you brothers Murdoch—-you won’t have any network left if you keep getting rid of the people from whom the listeners want to here . You’ve already hired a bunch of idiots like Marie Harf and Zeke the Beak Emmanuel who thinks that seniors should be euthanized at 75. Congratulations—you’re about to join the notable ranks of the Clinton News Network and MSLSD , and while that may ingratiate you to your slimy liberal friends—it makes me happy to know that you’ll be just another collectivist network spouting the lazy liberal talking points and criminal suck up lies and propaganda.

  3. I may be soon done with them. Then their only competition with their “fake news” will be cnn, msnbc and msm. We don’t need the Murdochs.

  4. Be careful what you wish for Murdochs. You could find yourself in the same situation as when the film Cleopatra was made.

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