Leftists Blame the NRA But Elliot Rodger Started With a Knife and Ended With a Car


The Hollywood director’s son, Elliot Rodger, who premeditated the murder of 6 people and injured 13 others, is escaping vilification by the far-left who are instead blaming the NRA, accusing them of murder. However, Rodger viciously stabbed his first three victims to death and ended his spree by hitting bicyclists with his car.

We only need to get rid of guns, Republicans, conservatives, and the NRA and we will rid ourselves of madmen who murder according to the leftists. Meanwhile, no one used the laws in place to take Elliot Rodgers’ guns away.

If you go to You Tube and watch the murderer’s videos or go to Digg to view his last most horrific video in which he informs of his intention to kill young women and men out of jealousy and revenge, you will see a 22-year old who is a narcissistic, paranoid, misogynist, who appears to have a borderline personality disorder or some type of sociopathy or psychopathy such as schizophrenia.

At this point we don’t know if he ever received psychiatric help but we do know the parents warned the police three weeks ago. [Update: The parents had him in therapy for years.] Their family lawyer said the police concluded he was a “polite, kind, wonderful human.” Let’s hope the police didn’t say that.

The deranged Elliot began his spree by brutally killing his three male roommates. Their mutilated bodies were found in his apartment riddled with stab wounds. They were the first victims.

Sheriff Coroner Bill Browns aid that the victims suffered multiple stab wounds to their body and died as a result of their injuries. Because of the sensitive and graphic nature of the case “the names will not be released.”

[UPDATE: Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; and Weihan Wang, 20, were the knifing victims. He wrote in his manifesto that he wanted to kill his roommates “to get them out of the way” and “in fact, I’d even enjoy stabbing them both to death while they slept.”]

Elliot got into his car after the triple slayings and switched to guns. He killed Alpha Pi sorority sisters Katie Cooper, 22, and Veronica Weiss, 19 and wounded a third as they stood in front of the sorority house talking. He shot them after attempting to get into the house. The third victim to die of gunshots wounds was Christopher Ross Michael-Martinez, 20 who Eliot gunned down outside of a deli.

Elliot then got in his car to flee police. He injured more people by plowing into them with his car.

Half of the people killed were killed with a knife. Shall we blame the knife company? Shall we limit the use of knives? He ran into or over 4 people. Shall we blame BMW or ban cars? If the NRA is guilty, so is the Auto Club of America and The National Knife Collectors Association.

The leftists and the father of one victim blamed the NRA, Republicans and right-wingers for the killing of a madman who was probably an Obama supporter. His favorite YouTube Channels included the communist-light Young Turks.

Elliot had three semi automatic handguns–a Glock 34 and two Sig Sauer P226s– as well as more than 400 rounds of ammo when he died. Supposedly they were all legal and registered. Why was he allowed to have guns? When the parents reported him to the police, why weren’t the guns taken away? Do we need more gun laws that we don’t follow or do we need people with enforcing the laws we have?

I didn’t upload any of Elliot Rodger’s videos but I did link to them here. Listen to them if you can stand it and be forewarned that they are very disturbing and graphic. If you do listen to them, you will discover that there is no way this man should have had any legally registered guns. His family is reportedly in shock but they went to the police three weeks ago after watching his videos and his guns weren’t taken away.

Look at what the leftists and the father of one victim are blaming this horrifying mass murder on. I should say here that we should give the victim’s dad a pass here. He lost his child and he can say anything he wants insofar as I am concerned. I will just pray for him. There are those who are politicizing this and using his comments in a deplorable way. This wasn’t a gun crime. It was a mass murder with multiple weapons committed by someone who was severely mentally ill.





This is the best case I have seen of why we need guns and why the leftist argument against guns makes no sense. We need to enforce the laws we have and when someone is obviously mentally deranged as Elliot Rodger’s videos clearly showed, we need to take the guns away. That would have not stopped his killing spree. He still would have used the knife and car to kill people. Nothing would have stopped this madman and that is the fact that people can’t get their minds around. Even withpsychiatric help, he might have been unstoppable.

Pray for the victim’s, their families and for the family of Elliot Rodger, it will do more good than vilifying the NRA.


[Correction: Earlier reports about his collecting welfare were mistaken. The police were stopping by to do welfare checks on Elliot Rodgers but did not take his guns away.]

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