Leftists Blame the South for New York Gun Violence


The push for national gun laws is now centered around the South. Be prepared for Obama’s last year to be a living hell with gun control on the front burner.

andrew cuomo copy

The latest onslaught started Monday with Governor Andrew Cuomo talking about the need for national gun laws and then blaming the gun violence in New York on the southern states. Later in the day, Andrea Mitchell decided to repeat the same nonsensical statement.

New York violence is because of the people we have here in New York, not because of anything the south is doing. Maybe he meant the South Bronx or South Chicago.

Cuomo said:

“I don’t know frankly that a state by state response is going to work. I have the toughest guns laws in the country. And I have guns coming in every day from the southern states. You know, it doesn’t stop someone from getting in a car and driving a few hours and filling up the trunk full of guns, it actually makes the guns more valuable when they bring them in.”

“This is going to have to be a national response. And I think it’s only a matter of time. I don’t think the NRA represents the people of this country. I don’t think the NRA represents the gun owners of this country. And the Second Amendment argument we all understand, but we also understand the limitations of the Second Amendment argument.”

Then along came Andrea Mitchell to blame it on the south as well because she doesn’t have an original thought in her head.

andrea mitchell

During a segment on her Monday MSNBC show using the third anniversary of the Newtown school shooting to demand gun control, host Andrea Mitchell pleaded for national legislation: “Andrew Cuomo, the governor who passed really tough gun legislation in New York….Yet he has said that it is impossible task because you can’t do it state by state.”

She claimed states that support gun rights were to blame: “It has to be a national conversation because those guns just come in, in people’s trunks from the south and they are actually more valuable because they get sold on the black market in New York City…”

Fellow MSNBC anchor Kate Snow agreed: “Right, one state’s law doesn’t stop the next state – someone in the next state from having a gun.”

That’s going to be the latest anti-gun, national gun law mantra – the South did it.

These two don’t know the first thing about guns but they will pretend they are experts. They are cooperating with Obama’s agenda and whatever works.