Leftists Bombard Twitter With Threats of Boycotts to Force Banning of “Nazis”


Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of the social media network so that it does not enable the spread of hate speech and disinformation, Fox News reported.

In an interview on Wednesday with the Washington Post, Dorsey said his company is testing features that would help promote alternative points of view as a way to combat fake news and reduce “echo chambers.”

Facebook is on a spree with their leftist checkers and took down my harmless page as one example of the rush to take people down by August 28th. That’s the date they selected. I submitted my driver’s license and they restored my page. When I tried to follow their demand for verification, they took me down again.

The Twitter CEO has been under fire for being the only major social media platform that didn’t ban Alex Jones. He turned around and decided to ban him for seven days, giving him a “timeout” as if he were a child.

The Stalinists are using bullying and threats to shut down all opposition. Fox reported:

This week, the Grab Your Wallet founder Shannon Coulter had a viral Twitter thread suggesting that users could get Jones banned by blocking a list of all the Fortune 500 Twitter handles. She organized the Twitter handles of the Fortune 500, then made them available as a collective block list.

Any user could install the block list with a couple of clicks, and if they have done so, ads from those companies would not appear in their Twitter timelines. According to her, over 50,000 people installed the tool as of Wednesday.


Twitter is taking a lot of abuse from the left as they claim everyone on the right is a Nazi or KKK. They are only starting their onslaught with Alex Jones. They have also in the past called for Fox News to be taken down along with all of their Conservative hosts.

Here’s one example of the boycott:

All they have to do is send out an email to their tens of thousands of Communist members of MoveOn and they have enough people to terrify CEOs.

Leftist Krassenstein recently gave thousands of dollars to dirty cop Peter Strzok via his GoFundMe page. He tweeted:

This next tweet comes from an Amazon and Microsoft writer.

Newtown Action also demanded Jones be banned. When they get done with Jones, they will come for the rest of us. These people are Stalinists.


  1. Someone posted a shocking video of Alex Jones that was from July 2001. I never did understand where he came up with 9-11 and “inside job”. Well, in that video, months before the act, he went off about Bin Laden planning an attack and spoke about airplanes. It was a short clip so I don’t know all what he covered. He had some kind of information that the Government knows about this. He said, in July, if anything happens he WILL blame the US Government, And afterwards he did. At that time I doubt hardly anyone would have known the name, Bin Laden.

    They call him a conspiracy theorists but he Knew “something” before it happened as was deeply concerned about it. Now, if a person believes in some kind of conspiracy and it comes to pass in some way it will certainly reinforce your suppositions in other areas.

    The Sandy Hook episode could have been an outgrowth of Fast and Furious escapade in his thinking. We see time and again where the Government is eventually caught doing all kinds of nefarious things. One thing IS for certain, they Will Lie to us. When Congress is complicit and willfully acting in a conspiratorial manner as getting Infowars removed it reinforces the belief the Government itself is behind everything.

    It makes it even more believable to the public when he says things during his program and the media falsely reports about it and, Then, the video proof is taken down. This is the case with reports of him using the words “battle rifles”. I just happened to be watching that particular show and all the media didn’t just distort reality, they murdered reality. It would have been on Periscope, Twitter owned and controlled, but that account is gone. His complaints are being proven day by day.

    I have quite a few issues with Jones, especially the many guests he has who are at least, mildly anti-Semitic, and others more so. But it’s better to have them in the open rather than lurking in the background not knowing what they are up to.

  2. You could say this began with members of Congress. In hearing after hearing there was one member after another grilling the Tech reps on Why they haven’t removed “Infowars”. People use the “Congress shall make no law…”, but what about Congressional Members using their POWER in a hearing setting to badger the companies in doing THEIR bidding. It was DIRECT and TO THE POINT. What little difference is there between constructing a “law” and “demanding” a company DO as they say.

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