Leftists Call Angel Moms a Hate Group


One of the highlights of Donald Trump’s immigration speech were the parents, mostly mothers, who lost children, and in one case a spouse, to violent illegal aliens. The group is called Angel Moms and they have gone through untold suffering.

At least two leftist journalists are calling the Angel Moms a “hate” group. It wasn’t only them. Many of the leftists online tore into the Angel Moms as “haters”.

It’s nuts and fairly despicable!

Look at Mark MacKinnon’s tweet. He is a “journalist” for the Globe and the Mail.

Then there is this independent journalist’s tweet.

When an angel mom took her to task, she tweeted this:

It wasn’t only these two. The left followers went wild calling them a hate group. They must have been worried that the Angel Moms would have an impact.

When the Democrats brought the Mothers of the Movement up on stage, it was to continue the anti-police rhetoric. Contrast the events. Michael Brown’s mother was one of the mothers on the stage and her son died while attacking a police officer.

This video is the portion in which the Angel Moms and a Dad spoke. They asked that our immigration laws be upheld.


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Charles Bidwell
Charles Bidwell
5 years ago

The very fact that an idiot like this guy has access to the American people is dangerous. For too long the Liberal Progressive group has been growing unchecked in this country. Their values and believes are not in line with American values. At some point that issue will have to be fixed. Much will be fixed when Trump takes office. For the pure fact that the Liberal Obama will be gone and Bill and Hillary will be under siege by the new justice department. Many elite Liberals will be in danger of charges for buying political power. Plus when education is returned to the States many many Liberal professors will be out of work for the thinks they teach. But the best thing of all is the idea of open border new world order will be gone.

If that make any of the tree huggers sad they can wipe their eyes with a spotted owl, hug an old growth tree, then kiss my real American ass.

Robert Niemann
Robert Niemann
5 years ago

Don’t forget SCOTUS!