Leftists Call for Bans on All Guns, NY Times Conservative Says Repeal 2nd Amendment


The media, especially CNN, has been actively pursuing the ban of certain guns or even all guns. To get their point across, the TV hosts have exploited the kids from Stoneman High in particular.

An MSNBC panel this evening was confused as to why anyone would support gun rights. Van Jones said kids today see the NRA as the KKK.

Jake Tapper wanted to know on his show this evening if all semi-automatic guns should be banned. Kirsten Powers said she thinks so. The chattering head is perfectly fine with the idea of all guns, including handguns, being banned.

She claims she has friends who actually think “guns are toys”.

She would be okay if they shot them off at shooting ranges and locked them up at the range.

Who is this woman to think a Second Amendment can be erased on her say-so? She sees no need for guns but does realize the Constitution stands in her way.

Kirsten Powers said she’s not anti-gun but you don’t need anything more than a shotgun.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Tapper is hopeful and says this “might be the tipping point.”

Does anyone believe that Kirsten Powers has friends who think guns are toys? She is a liar. I call her a liar because the last time I listened to anything she said she was on O’Reilly’s Fox show. At that time, she claimed children were starving in this country. Bill told her the only ones who could be starving were the ones whose parents neglected them. He challenged her to find one family who had starving children because they couldn’t get help from the government.

She never did.

Bret Stephens, the NY Times “Conservative” is out once again calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. In October of last year, he wrote an op-ed, op-ed, “I have never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment.” The time is now he believes.


  1. Wow, she has become even more extreme then the last time I heard her. She does not want guns to be legal no matter if she lived in Alaska. Can a shotgun really stop a bear?

  2. The First National Bank of Omaha is ending its credit card contract with the National Rifle Association. There needs to be lawsuits over all these restriction cases.

    To even SUGGEST rescinding the Second Amendment cannot even reach the fantasy world level. To do so would “allow” the Government to seize each and every gun, rifle, pistol, every one, by law. Only someone who is devoid of a thinking brain would even mention it, let alone consider it. Would these, literal, IDIOTS want to prevent older people the “right” of “self-defense” IN THEIR HOMES. A response in considering this should be, “You Are a JACKASS” for even the suggestion.

    You would HAVE to go even farther and restrict 3D Printers also, since you can make a copy of any weapon.

    GEEZ!! You don’t need anything more than a SHOTGUN. Wasn’t it Columbine that one of the shooters DID use a shotgun. I can’t help but wonder, Is rampant Stupidity contagious.

    One you begin down the road of taking away the “Bill of Rights” there is NO going back. Maybe we should suggest the “First Amendment”, Specifically the “freedom of the press”, as they are even more destructive than the second, and were in bed with the Russians.

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