Leftists Demand Release of Illegal Alien Activist Held in Detention After Drug Bust


L.A. pro-illegal immigration activists are protesting and calling for illegal alien and high profile open border/sanctuary city activist Claudia Rueda to be released from immigration custody.

A Boyle Heights immigration sweep took place in the California Democrat senate President Kevin de Leon’s district. He’s an open border activist.

During the sweep, illegal alien Claudia Rueda’s illegal alien mother, father and family members were found by immigration officials in the possession of thirty pounds of cocaine in their Boyle Heights home along with $600,000 in cash.

Illegal alien Claudia Rueda’s father is still in custody but her mother, over the objections of ICE, was released from custody. One week later the daughter, Claudia Rueda, was apprehended on May 18th by immigration officials and is currently in custody in San Diego.

The left is claiming that her high profile activism made her a target and they’re afraid it will put a chilling effect on illegal immigration.

Claudia has been preparing to apply for DACA to gather the money for the filing fees, according to the Democrat Socialists of America.

Why couldn’t she use the drug money?

She doesn’t like ICE. If you go to her Facebook page, it’s rant after vulgar rant.

So clever! Drug dealers who demand sanctuary cities!

To recap, she’s a trouble making, illegal alien Socialist who is tied to drug dealing and the left wants her freed pronto.

We kid you not!

h/t Bob Trent

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