Leftists Demanding Boycott of Laura Ingraham for Reporting on Demographics


Liberals/leftists trashed Ms. Ingraham this week, claiming she was racist for comments she made two days ago on her show about demographics and some illegals who are literally monsters. The social media sewers are raging against her, along with smear merchants like Media Matters, demanding a boycott of her show for things she never said or meant.

Laura Ingraham said the United States is being remade demographically. Many of our towns and cities no longer resemble the America many of us grew up in and love, she suggested. She said:

“There is something slipping away in this country and it’s not about race or ethnicity. It’s what was once a common understanding by both parties that American citizenship is a privilege, and one that at a minimum requires respect for the rule of law and loyalty to our constitution.”

The reality is illegal immigration of God-knows-who is up 233 percent thanks to Obama’s catch-and-release.

Ingraham was referring to illegal immigration of unvetted people and, in some cases, legal immigrants who don’t share our values.

During the segment in question, Miss Ingraham gave examples of vicious illegal alien criminals and that’s who she was referencing.

The media and toxic outlets like Media Matters are trying to get her fired over her comments.

At the same time, Nancy Pelosi was out encouraging illegal immigration and those who support it, indirectly explaining to activists in the audience that they have to vote Democrat to leverage the policies supporting open borders.


Candace Owens asked why they think it’s more important to boycott Laura Ingraham than Rahm Emanuel who uses minorities as political bargaining chips.

The Turning Point USA communications director also tweeted referencing how she was screamed at by Antifa and forced to leave a restaurant: “What I learned from liberals this week: The definition of racism is Laura Ingraham discussing demographic changes in this country. It is NOT a mob of white people assembling outside of a diner to kick a black woman out while shouting “race traitors” to an all-black police force.”

Miss Owens doesn’t believe liberals/leftists care about blacks at all.


There is no doubt the demographics are changing and newcomers are told not to assimilate. Citizens must ‘welcome’ them and all their different values, thus abandoning our own.

The former administration looked to do exactly that and they called it the establishment of a ‘country within a country’. Eventually, the foreigners who come here illegally on a massive scale, will take us over and replace us and our values.

Criminal aliens are being protected in sanctuary cities and states. That is what Miss Ingraham focused on during the segment in question.

The media has made the exact same statements – the demographics are changing.

Juan Vasquez, child rapist protected in the sanctuary city of Philly.

Ms. Ingraham explained why we need to close the borders. She cited the case of Juan Vasquez who was deported, returned to the US, received the protection of the sanctuary city of Philadelphia, and ended up raping a child.

There was also the case of the Iraqi who shot a police officer in the head. He was never deported as ordered.

Then there is the case of the illegal who crossed over with a child he said was his daughter. He demanded entry as a family unit and he got it because of the Obama catch and release rule. As it turned out, the girl was allegedly raped over and over by him. The child’s mother knew he was a rapist but she let him take her because she was promised a job.

Nice people to let into the country, don’t you think?

The numbers of illegals pouring in are increasing and we can thank the Democrats. Everyone is gaming the system. This is what the Socialist Democrats want and they want it to void our votes. The goal is a permanent progressive majority and the illegals will be their lifetime voters.

As Daniel Greenfield wrote on Frontpage Magazine: “Ingraham didn’t state any facts that the left hasn’t made public. The simple question is whether America is a country of Americans, or a global social welfare agency. Does citizenship come with responsibilities or is citizenship a golden ticket to privileges and freebies?”

Watch Miss Ingraham and you decide:

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Abandoning any semblance of American unity for the sake of tribalism, so that they can gain control of chaos. Ruling with an iron fist, TYRANNY!.