Leftists Demand One Owner of LL Bean Leave the Board


Left Won’t Allow One Vote for Trump

L.L. Bean is being blacklisted because she is one of its 54 Board members who donated to a Trump Super PAC. She’s the only one. The left are Fascists.

Linda Bean, granddaughter of the founder, Leon Wood Bean and a member of the Board of Directors who supported president-elect Donald Trump, appeared on Fox & Friends to explain how she is fighting back.

Ms. Bean said, “I think it is very much a case of bullying. It is bullying me and bullying the company I partly own, the L.L. Bean company I owned since I was a child. My grandfather gave me the first share of stock the day I was born.”

There are 70 other companies being boycotted along with L.L. Bean.

Linda Bean donated to Barack Obama when he ran.

The left is demanding she leave the Board.

She said she has received a lot of support and there is a slight uptick in their sales this week. Linda Bean is fighting back and won’t back down.

The Black College President Who Is Being Threatened

Along the same lines is the abuse being heaped on the President of Talladega College, a black college. His marching band is performing for the President on Inauguration Day.

President Hawkins told Bill O’Reilly, “Bill, thank you for having me on the show tonight. I have had a lot of pressure, a lot of folks have come at me, and a very, very negative manner. I’ve been personally attacked.”

He continued, “They have threatened to oust the president at Talladega College. I have had an alumni willing to come at me quite hard, not of all of our alums, but a fair number of alums have come out to be pretty hard. Not wanting the band to participate in the Inauguration.”

“But, you know,” he said, “this is a great opportunity for our students. I have said that from the outset, it is about the students, it is about them I have said that from the outset, it is about the students, it is about them having an opportunity to participate in this national stage, this Inaugural ceremony. It is a civic ceremony. It is not about politics. I have made that real clear.”

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