Leftists Dream of a World Without Plants’ Reproductive Organs Being Chopped Up for Mother’s Day


WaPo posted an article by an environmentalist who wants you to not “chop off the reproductive organ of a plant and send it to her [your mother] in a box tied up with a pretty bow” for Mother’s Day.

You savages!

Who ever said leftists aren’t fun?

The author, Jennifer Grayson, thinks it’s a terrible idea to give flowers to mother because it’s so harmful for Mother Earth.

She is worried about the chemicals used when the flowers are grown and preserved in foreign countries, she’s opposed to the “annoying little plastic stem tubes” that end up in landfills, and why not buy “heirloom seeds”, instead, she asks.

It’s not just the reproductive organs of plants she is worried about. She doesn’t want animals slaughtered for consumption.

The meat industry accounts for 18 to 51 percent of global warming emissions worldwide, according to Ms. Grayson and her strange science.

Don’t mock her though. There is a movement to force people to become vegans and part of the reasoning is that animals’ carbon footprints are just too large. Have a protein bar or eggs instead, she says.

In a HuffPo article, she quoted a “scientist” who believes meat may one day be mere semantics. He hopes that science can be used to architect meat using more sustainable plant sources like peas and GMO-free soy. Cows contribute too much to climate change – they fart you know.

She sees the need to eliminate meat as an urgent necessity and looks forward to the day when we are “beyond meat.”

She’s no friend to the textile industry either. She says they are the biggest polluters after agriculture.

She is the founder of the left-wing political environmental blog, The Red, White, and Green, in which she blogs things like – $6 a gallon gas – bring it on.

Grayson has influence. She’s a regular contributor to HuffPo and crazy media outlets like MSNBC. She is an example of where the leftists hope to take us. It will be totalitarian hell.