Leftists Explain Why They Had to Leave Before VP Pence Began to Speak


Two of the leftists who rudely walked out on Vice President Pence’s commencement speech at Notre Dame told CNN host Brooke Baldwin Monday they did it in “solidarity” and for “justice”.

“We felt the need to walk out because we wanted to stand here to protect human dignity,” Miranda said. “We wanted to have solidarity with those who are most vulnerable of us, and also to seek justice for them.”

“We essentially have classmates, family members, and friends who were either with us sitting down there, or were also in the stands who have been specifically targeted by the policies of Mike Pence either as a governor or as a president (sic) directly,” Miranda continued.

They were showing “solidarity” with members of the LGBT community and “undocumented” Americans. Pence’s presence, Miranda said, felt “inappropriate” and the students were walking out to stand “with them, and for them.”

Tyksinski echoed Miranda’s sentiment that those in the LGBT community and undocumented immigrants.

At the Sentinel we don’ know what is being done to hurt LGBTs but the administration does want to deport all those drug cartels coming here illegally. No one should be coming here illegally and collecting our benefits. It attracts people who don’t come for our values, just the freebies.

Baldwin asked if the students were feeding into the stereotype that college students are unwilling to listen to differing viewpoints.

“I cannot speak to the stereotype, but yes, there are difficulties over free speech,” Miranda said. “It’s hard to have these conversations and we agree that free speech is a very important thing and that we shouldn’t be shutting it out. We need to be welcoming it.”

That’s not very clarifying.

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