Leftists Funded by Soros Attempted to Silence Conservatives


The threat to free speech is very, very real. You aren’t allowed to have an opinion outside the narrow, black and white world of the hard-left. A perfect example is what the leftists tried to do yesterday to two people warning of the threat of RADICAL Islam.

No one has ever put up an example of how Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller condemn all Muslims but that hasn’t stopped the left from trying to destroy them.

On Monday, the leftist supporters of radical Islam got PayPal to permanently cancel the accounts of Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative and Robert Spencer’s [that’s not the white nationalist Richard Spencer] Jihad Watch. They’ve been restored as of Tuesday. However, there are things you should know.

PayPal banned both after ProPublica, a George Soros-funded investigated group, dishonestly targeted them, claiming they both show “extreme hostility toward Muslims”.

George Soros also owns mega-shares of PayPal – and Ebay – stock. Soros is a bogeyman because of the funding he secures for hate sites and leftists who want to burn our Constitution but he is not alone. These movements are well-funded by many on the hard-left and they are powerful in the media.

The last bastion of freedom is the Internet, including social media, cable and youtube to some extent. However, conservatives are seeing their youtube videos being de-monetized, including Paul Joseph Watson, Silk, and even some Evangelical reverends who use the money to fund charities.

Both Geller and Spencer received threatening letters from ProPublica, stating they are hate sites according to the Southern Poverty Law Center [a leftist hate group] and the ADL [another far-left group]. ProPublica then called out Amazon, PayPal and Newsmax for their partnerships with Jihad Watch.

Shortly thereafter Spencer and Geller were notified of the PayPal ban.

Charlottesville is the hard-left’s crisis they didn’t want to let go to waste, as the late Saul Alinsky or Rahm Emanuel might say.

Spencer said as much:

“The Left sees blood in the water after Charlottesville and is moving in for the kill, attempting to delegitimize, silence and destroy all dissent,” he wrote. “The freedom of speech, the foundation of a free society, is being eroded away under our very noses.”
Jihadwatch raises awareness of global jihad, AFDI describes themselves as fighting efforts to inhibit our basic freedoms and values.

Spencer and Geller called for people to boycott PayPal.

Less than 24 hours later, both have been restored after a fast and furious backlash but neither will use PayPal again.

We are going to have to fight very hard to keep our free speech rights because the communists and socialists want to take them away.

As Mark Steyn said yesterday, filling in for Rush Limbaugh on his radio show, the left is attempting to paint everyone to the right of them as Nazis and KKK. He was also on Tucker Carlson saying it’s free speech that prevents violence.

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