Leftists Get a Hearing as They Try to Take Away Trump’s Liquor License


Five left-wingers are trying to take President Trump’s liquor license away and the liquor boards decided to give the [Stalinists] complainants a hearing.

“Washington’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board opened the door this week to hearing a challenge to President Donald Trump’s liquor license at his Washington hotel over claims that he doesn’t meet the city’s “good character” requirements.”

“The board on Wednesday issued an order denying the Trump International Hotel’s motion to dismiss a “protest” from a group consisting of an attorney, two former judges and a handful of religious leaders who assert that Trump is not of “good character” and therefore should not be able to sell alcoholic beverages in Washington.”

The group is citing a DC regulation that says a liquor license owner must be “of good character and generally fit for the responsibilities of licensure.” Trump, they say, remains an owner of the hotel, though he has handed over the day to day management to his sons while in office.”

The leftist attorney for the leftist group suing claims it’s a victory for the rule of law when it’s obvious harassment. The President hasn’t committed any crimes. What is their guideline to be? Lying, perhaps? They call him a liar every time he generalizes or they disagree. Or is it the accusation by a prostitute from over a decade ago?

“Joshua Levy, an attorney who is representing the group challenging the license renewal, told CNN on Friday that the board’s order is “a solid victory for the rule of law.”

“Despite Trump’s efforts to silence the public and hold himself above the law, the board correctly denied his motion to dismiss and found that the public can ‘protest’ the owner’s character on renewal of their liquor license,” Levy said.”

The only people holding themselves above the law are the lawless Democrats — just look at the open borders. These people are Stalinists, trying to destroy the President’s business because they hate him.

You can read the full complaint here, on this link.



  1. Pathetic. Since when are attorneys and ambulance chasers people of good character? And look at those “Judges” in Hawaii and Washtington State. Their character isn’t much better than a criminals. Trump can appeal if the idiots decide to revoke his license. And he can make it hard for the board for other facilities.

  2. No one wants to visit the glorious people’s republic of Washington. Sheattle is a big steaming pile of socialist FAIL by the sea. Maybe Alaska hasn’t been ruined yet? Shh…don’t give them any ideas of where to throw their fundamental transformation darts on a map!
    This state has voted Repub since before the civil war and you can see the diverse cultural enrichment that has taken place on the road to the Zimbabwetopia.
    It might be time for an encore presentation of Idiocracy. The futuristic dystopian comedy that ended up as a documentary.

    • Unh, Seattle is in Washington STATE, while this tempest in a teapot is taking place in Washington, District of Columbia, a 68 square mile area of Federal Government enclaves. There are a lot of larger cattle ranches. though admittedly producing less bull shit. Some Democrats would like to see the District of Columbia get Senators and statehood voting status. How inane. a bunch of political operatives getting a couple senators on top of their own votes. Double dipping on a grand scale, though that is nothing they are not accustomed to.

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