Leftists Get Violent Outside Trump Rally in Pittsburgh


trump rally

The protesters outside the Trump rally in Pittsburgh are far left ideologues who often engage in violence and plan to get arrested for photo-ops. They didn’t disappoint and became violent knowing the violence will be blamed on Trump.

The “protesters” at all of these rallies are People4Bernie, Occupy Wall Street, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, and so on.

The Revolutionary Communist Party or rev com wrote deceptively on their website: Donald Trump has been storming across the country unleashing a wave of hatred against oppressed nationalities, women, and immigrants. This is disgusting and should outrage anyone with an ounce of humanity. At almost every one of Trump’s rallies there have been courageous actions by groups and individuals who have stepped into the lion’s den facing violence by Trump’s supporters.

The media usually reports that protesters and Trump supporters are facing off when it’s these aggressive leftists who are attending with every intention of engaging in violence. Very few Trump supporters have gone off the rails but prior to the event, the left-wing websites were claiming the Trump supporters were threatening protesters and planned to come armed.

There is no mention in the press about who these “protesters” are which is far-left groups mostly funded by George Soros.

The planned violence by the “protesters” came soon after the rally began though they were rowdy as Trump supporters entered the convention hall. Police were attacked.

This is the scene before the violence.

The rally is – as usual – was filled to capacity with supporters.

Trump’s speech follows. At one point, he asked how Joe Paterno was and mentioned “bringing back” Joe. The crowd didn’t know how to react.



  1. what a bunch of bullshit you forgot to mention that the trumpetts met, fully armed, and marched to the soldiers and Sailors hall to “provide security.” you are apologists for nazi tactics

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