Leftists Go Back to Hyde-Smith’s High School to Smear Her In Mississippi


Left-wing outlets like The Guardian, CNN, and The Daily Beast, are doing their part to help far-left Mike Espy win the Mississippi Senate seat despite his history of corruption. Days before the election, they are publishing hit pieces on Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Blacks are falling for the smear campaign and coming out in droves for absentee ballots. Every Republican vote is needed.

The media went back to Hyde-Smith’s high school to smear her. Prior to this, they took an off-handed comment and a joke to damage her character and paint her as a racist. That is the left’s favorite tactic.

The Guardian is extolling Mike Espy as the would-be first black U.S. senator from Mississippi since Reconstruction.

Neither made the 50 percent required for election and Espy is barely trailing Hyde-Smith. A second Republican candidate running as an independent split the rightwing vote in that poll.


CNN reported on Saturday that a review of Hyde-Smith’s legislative history found that she “once promoted a measure that praised a Confederate soldier’s effort to ‘defend his homeland’ and pushed a revisionist view of the Civil War”.

She also attended the Lawrence County Academy which the press has labeled a segregationist academy in a deceitful act of presentism. There are possibly confederate flags in the Yearbook, The Daily Beast reported.

Hyde-Smith was born in 1959 and Confederate flags were allowed in yearbooks then. The south remains proud of soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their ‘country’. No matter how you think it is misguided, the overwhelming number of soldiers were not slave owners and they were not fighting for slavery. This is why you can’t take people out of their place and time to judge them.

The press is actively campaigning for Espy, and, without mentioning his very shady past, they are acting as smear merchants to candidate Hyde-Smith.


Billionaire far-left attorney Steve Phillips, through his political action committee PowerPAC+, is throwing staggering sums of money behind Democrat candidate Mike Espy in an effort to take another Senate seat and turn the south into a Democrat majority.

Phillips and his mega-wealthy leftist friends financed Maoist-leaning socialist networks in each state. These groups organized mass voter-registration drives and “get out the vote” efforts among their respective states’ Democratic-leaning, but “low propensity” voting, black and Latino citizenry, Epoch Times reports.

He wants to go back to the good old days when the Democrats segregated the south. He was behind the Alabama Senate seat win (Doug Jones) and the near-misses of seats in Florida and Georgia.


It doesn’t end there. Hundreds of far-left loons plan to protest the President’s visit to make it seem as if the multitudes agree with them. It’s a way of shaming Mississippians into voting for Mike Espy.

The Mississippi Rising Coalition is organizing a protest on the beach opposite a venue where Trump is speaking, according to the Biloxi Sun Herald.

The coalition, a non-profit civil rights organization, urged activists in a Facebook event to bring their “banners, signs and voices” to the non-violent gathering.

“We can not and will not let Hyde-Smith and Trump’s [fake] racist rhetoric go unanswered directly by the people, and we must not allow Hyde-Smith to represent our state any longer,” the group wrote.

This Marxist group is running the #Take It Down campaign

#TakeItDownMS Campaign

MRC is partnering with other social justice advocacy organizations to advocate for the removal of the Confederate battle flag emblem from the Mississippi state flag. The Confederate emblem has been used since the Civil War to represent various groups, including the army and government of the Confederate States of America and numerous white supremacist groups, as a symbol of white supremacy. Unspeakable acts of terror and violence against African Americans, Jews, LGBT citizens, immigrants, Catholics, and other minorities have been committed by these groups under the Confederate emblem, and it is unacceptable that the flag representing our state enshrines the symbol of hate and flies on tax-payer funded public properties. The flag is a barrier to the social and economic progress of Mississippi, and as we are committed to lifting ALL the citizens of our state, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, we are committed to growing the momentum toward a new state flag that is a symbol of equality, unity and Southern pride.

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5 years ago

I doubt her party is helping her much. The party in that state did a dirty job helping Cochran defeat McDaniel a few years ago. They preferred a senile man who could be controlled over a conservative. We then saw the party help destroy Moore in Alabama to help a leftist win.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Where can I buy a Confederate flag??? Maybe will paint my car like the General Lee :)…The “revisionist” a***holes are so chock full of their own ignorance…between them and the mainstream fake enemy of the people media I wish you all luck!!!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Following the Communist Manifesto to construct a Socialist State with a truly corrupt politician. ‘Das Kapital’.

Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant
5 years ago

VOTE RED MISSISSIPPI !!!….the socialist/communists are invading …..
……..and buying votes for epsy the CRIMINAL.