Leftists at GOP Town Hall Jeer the Concept of God-Given Rights


Leftists – Soros-funded Indivisibles – and the like, showed up at Rep. Dave Brat’s town hall. The dialogue ended with loud, unending booing of the idea of God-given rights.

Rep. Dave Brat is a Republican from Virginia who is tolerating the abuse of far-left agents who show up to promote the cause. They have no interest in dialogue. They have an agenda.

“As a seminary graduate, do you believe in the separation of church and state?” one asked. “Would it be acceptable to you for churches to support specific candidates?”

This was in reference to the Johnson Amendment which prevented pastors from discussing politics and which Trump gutted.

“Absolutely,” Brat answered. He added that it was “a loaded question.”

“It’s in the Constitution. They got it pretty good,” Brat said as he was booed loudly.

“The politics shouldn’t establish any religion, right?” Brat added to cheers. “But you should all, under the First Amendment, have the free expression thereof.”

He then took up the issue of separation of church and state which he doesn’t thinks should be absolute. He said some believe “healthcare is a right” and “in the Western tradition, rights come from God.The role of government is to protect those rights.”

That sent the leftists into a frenzy of unending jeers.

This is ridiculous. Republicans shouldn’t even be going to these town halls. Do what Democrats do and have carefully orchestrated phone town halls.


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