Leftists Portray MS-13 as Nice American Kids [with Machetes]


Vox and ProPublica are taking heat for producing a video ad downplaying the threat posed by MS-13 and describing the gang as a strictly “American problem.”

They want to defend MS-13 against President Trump because such is the hate for the President.

“The left is so committed to being anti-Trump that they are willing to play the role of Baghdad Bob for one of the most vicious gangs in America. If you find yourself doing pro-bono PR work for rapists and murderers you might want to rethink your entire life,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.


The film portrays them as regular American kids since they are LA immigrants. They are actually almost exclusively illegal immigrants and they are run by home base in El Salvador.

The video features ProPublica reporter Hannah Dreier saying that the MS-13 she sees on the ground has “almost nothing in common with the MS-13 as portrayed by the government,” before airing footage of Trump attacking the gang at a rally.

That is a complete lie.


It’s an American problem they say. This is despite the fact that they are almost 100 percent illegal alien members of a murderous, transnational crime gang.

Long Island District Attorney Tim Sini explained they are one of the most dangerous gangs we have. He describes their incredibly brutal murders in this clip.


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