Leftist’s Secret Tape: Nixonian Attack on Mitch McConnell

Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd

Mother Jones, the Soros funded online magazine, secured an audio tape of a meeting with Mitch McConnell and other strategists as they discussed how they would handle an Ashley Judd run for McConnell’s senate seat. The meeting took place in McConnell’s Kentucky re-election headquarters on February 2nd.

The meeting wasn’t unusual in any way, but as with all strategy sessions, there was some black humor and talk of how to go after Ashley Judd who was considering a run for McConnell’s senate seat.

Judd’s sometimes fragile emotional state was discussed. Judd herself wrote about her suicidal ideation in sixth grade and has a history of depression and went into rehab as an adult.

Also discussed during the session were her extreme views on abortion, climate change, religion, guns and the American family and her occasional weird comments.

One quote by Judd:

I call it the American anesthesia. You know, I come back to this country. I freak out in airports. The colors, the sounds, all those different ways of packaging the same snack but trying to, you know, make it look like it’s distinct and different and convince consumers that they have to have it. I mean all of that. The last time I came home from a trip, I absolutely flipped out when I saw pink fuzzy socks on a rack. I mean, I can never anticipate what is going to push me over the edge.

Mother Jones made the most of the discussion in their article posted on April 9th. The purpose of the article is to make McConnell look like a bully beating up on the poor innocent Judd. They ridiculed McConnell’s staff for not understanding a reference Judd made to St. Francis of Assisi. Who cares?

The left will use any tactic, even Nixonian ones, to vilify as they pretend they are outraged by McConnell’s team planning to use Judd’s own character against her. Judd has since pulled out of the race.

Mitch McConnell has asked the FBI to investigate. The tape was made in secret and no one knows by whom.

The left will do anything and apparently they can do it without any repercussions.

Kentucky Law on Eavesdropping:

It is a felony to overhear or record, through use of an electronic or mechanical device, a wire or oral communication without the consent of at least one party to that communication. Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 526.010. A person is guilty of eavesdropping when he intentionally uses any device to eavesdrop, whether or not he is present at the time. Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 526.020.

Divulging information obtained through illegal eavesdropping is a separate crime, punishable as a misdemeanor. Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 526.060.

Anyone who inadvertently hears a conversation transmitted through a wireless telephone on a radio receiver does not violate the eavesdropping statute, but if that same conversation is recorded or passed on to others without the consent of a party to the original conversation, a violation occurs. Ky. Att’y Gen. Op. 84-310 (1984). This prohibition includes recording any oral communication of others without their consent, so long as the recorder used an eavesdropping device.

A conversation which is loud enough to be heard through the wall or through the heating system without the use of any device is not protected by the statute, since a person who desires privacy can take the steps necessary to ensure that his conversation cannot be overheard by the ordinary ear. Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 526.020.

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