Leftists to Ask Judge to Stop the President as Thousands Mass at Border


Leftist/Democrat civil rights groups are going to court Monday to ask a San Francisco judge to halt an order by President Trump that bars asylum for people who illegally cross the border with Mexico, Reuters reports.

Notice how they waited until the last minute to file. They hope it will give thousands time to flood across the border any way they want.

The groups argued absurdly in court papers that Trump’s Nov. 9 order violated administrative and immigration law. They also argued that the administration violated a requirement to provide a period of time for public comments before the order took effect. These groups have won on the latter argument in the past.

It is clear these Democrat groups in the U.S. are helping the migrants and encouraging them to cross illegally.

The hearing before U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco comes as thousands of Central Americans, including gangs, are holding up in Tijuana on the California border.

These migrants, many of whom are criminals, have been heard plotting to rush the border. The civil rights groups don’t care.

According to Uniradio Informa, a pastor of the Ambassadors of Jesus Church, Gustavo Banda Aceves, said he heard migrants speaking of this plan to rush the border at the area where the vehicles all pass through between Mexico and the U.S. Are these people we want?

Many are also anti-Trump and have admitted they are coming to oppose Trump.


The Mexicans in Tijuana want the migrants out. They say “these are bad people”, they are “gangs”. The left in this country wants them to come in any way they can.

William LaJeunesse, a Fox News reporter covered two protests Sunday with Mexicans calling for the migrants in Tijuana to go home.

They say migrants have brought drugs and prostitution with them. The Maras are in the 3,000 plus caravan currently in Tijuana with thousands more coming.

Keep in mind that 50,000 illegal aliens a month have been pouring into the USA and this massive illegal immigration of unvetted migrants and criminals has been going on for years.


Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum is speculating holding a referendum in the city to decide if the thousands who have reached the Mexican border with California recently should be allowed to stay as reports grew of angry residents shouting insults and throwing rocks at the migrants with some engaging in fist-fights as well, Fox News reported.


  1. The bible says charity begins at home, so it is our responsibility to take care of our own poor people not every other nation’s. It just blows my mind that anybody in their right mind would want all these no good people here in our country to keep up, Just look at the women that have 3 to 6 kids with them, all to go on every social program they can get for us to keep us. If they would raise as much hell in their own country as they do here they could fix their own so they could stay there. Maybe not all the free handouts but they could live there. Course free handouts and crime is exactly what they are looking for. Sure democrats are what the left wants but these people won’t be selective when it comes to robberies, rape and murder. So as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

    • What does the average US citizen NOT understand about treason/illegal that they allow the leftist, progressive/regressive, liberal demoncraps to get away with these actions without a whimper…is it cupidity/stupidity, ignorance…which it must be as they would not be elected if there were more “brains” to go around…

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